General Education Course Approval Request Foundations of Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning

Mathematics is a peculiarly human endeavor that attempts to organize our experience in a quantitative fashion. It aids and supplements our intuitions about the physical universe and about human behavior. The Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning requirement is intended to give students an appreciation of mathematics and to prepare them to think precisely and critically about quantitative problems.
For each of the Foundations of Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning student learning outcomes listed below, please: • Describe explicit connections or linkages between the SLO and teaching/learning experiences (e.g., assignments, teaching methods, events, projects, displays, performances). • Explain how the outcome will be measured including a clear path for collecting and analyzing the data. • Describe how performance will be evaluated (e.g., rubric, sub-tests, ratings--as related to specific learning outcomes).
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 Last Modified 8/13/18