Advising for the Bachelors of General Studies Degree

Advising for the Bachelors of General Studies degree will take place in the college where your concentration is housed (if your concentration will be in Management, for example, advising will take place in the College of Business).

Please contact one of the following staff members for an advising appointment.

Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters     
Sakeena Kenton  (

College of Business                                                       
Kimberly Paulus (

College of Social Work and Criminal Justice                         
Todd Hedrick (

College of Education                                                    
Deborah Shepherd (

College of Engineering and Computer Science        
Teresa Perez ( and Jessica Brynes (

Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College                               
David Flanigan (

Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing                          
Javaris Hammond (

Charles E. Schmidt College of Science                       
Evonne Rezler ( 

 Last Modified 1/21/21