Start your academic experience at FAU this Summer!


  • Opportunities to connect with other first-year students and to create a unique support system  by establishing relationships with:
    • Academic Advisors
    • Professors
    • Classmates
  • 6 summer credits which will help you progress toward your graduation requirements.
  • Enrollment into a fully online 0 credit SLS course, SLS1410: College Success Strategies. In this course you will learn about yourself, FAU, and what it takes to be a successful college student (learn more about this class at

Summer 2021 Term Dates: June 26 - August 10th

You will be taking three (3) courses. Two courses will be 3 credits each and apply to the Intellectual Foundations Program (IFP) or help prepare you for a course in the IFP. The third course will be SLS1410: College Success Strategies (0 credit hours) which is designed to help with the transition to college.

Engineering Bridge and Jump Start students majoring in Science, Engineering and Computer Science, Business, or Architecture will be required to take a mathematics course if placed into MAT1033 or MAC1105. Your Academic Advisor will determine the appropriate math course for you based on your math placement score and intended major.

Students who are not required to take a mathematics course in the Summer will be required to take one course from the hierarchy listed below. The most appropriate course will be determined by your Academic Advisor:

In addition to taking one of the mandatory courses listed above, your Academic Advisor will recommend additional IFP options in EZ Advising for you to choose from to complete your Summer schedule.

Instructional Methods

Summer 2021 courses at FAU will be offered in a variety of different formats. Please see the Registrar's website here . for an explanation of the different formats in which Summer 2021 courses will be offered. 

Please note that courses "In-Person w/ Remote Option" operate in a seat reservation system in order to meet recommendation social distancing standards. Students must reserve a seat prior to each class meeting. There is no guarantee a student will have a seat in the classroom for every class meeting. Students unable to reserve a seat in the classroom will attend class through the remote option. 

How to select your Summer Courses 

Your Academic Advisor will recommend appropriate course options to you through your EZ Advising form. If you have questions about Summer courses, please feel free to contact University Advising Services at or 561-297-3064. 

On both the FAU and Common App applications, students select their preferred term of entry—either Summer, Fall or Spring. They are automatically considered for all admissions pathways and all terms. Therefore, you need only submit one application. Students are admitted for the term and program for which they qualify.

Once you complete your EZ Advising you will be assigned an Academic Advisor. Your Academic Advisor will register you for TWO courses. ONE IFP course (to be determined by your major and math placement score) and SLS1410. You will register yourself for the second IFP course from a select list of courses in consultation with your Advisor.

*Please note, all summer registration requirements, including completion of online advising through EZ Advising and the removal of holds must be completed by June 4th to secure your seat.

Please review the document below to learn more about the Admissions Pathways and the continuation requirements for each pathway.
FAU Admissions Pathways

Please check your Admissions letter to identify your specific Summer pathway. Please click on the appropriate link below to learn about the requirements for your pathway.

 Last Modified 3/9/21