SLS 1503 Student Resources

Course Description  

SLS 1503 is designed to assist students in making the transition into higher education. Topics include time management, test taking skills, learning strategies and styles,  diversity, short- and long-term planning, developing analytical and critical thinking skills, relationships, and campus resources. Prerequisite: must be a student with less than 30 credits. (2 elective credits)

Course Objectives

All SLS 1503 classes share the following goals:

  • to assist students in their transition into FAU 
  • to assist students in developing and/or improving essential academic skills  
  • to assist students in making a “connection” with the university  
  • to assist students in becoming oriented to campus resources and facilities  
  • to assist students in goal setting and short and long-term planning  
  • to assist students in developing analytical and critical thinking skills  
  • to assist students in improving their written and oral communication skill

Why take SLS 1503?

  • SLS 1503 is part of a national movement called the First-Year Experience whose goal is to improve the success of all students – from those attending a local community college to those attending Ivy league universities

  • Extensive research has demonstrated that students who take a class like SLS 1503 show higher rates of retention (they stay is college until they graduate) and academic performance (they earn higher GPAs)

  • This course is not only about academic success but about life-success. The topics addressed and the skills reviewed and learned will transfer to your professional worlds and are likely to endure the test of time.

  • This may be the only course you will ever take where you are the topic and not some body of knowledge

  • Because those things which we view as “common sense,” “simple,” or “obvious” may be the very things that we most often overlook or ignore

Where can I find SLS1503 on schedule?

SLS 1503 is found under the department of Freshman Programs on the Current Departmental Schedule:

Department Course Schedule

Reasons to take SLS 1503:  from a student’s perspective. Here’s what they have said…

SLS teaches you valuable tips on how to study, take notes, and stay on track. This is very important, especially for freshmen who are trying to transition from high school.  

You learn a lot about time management and organization which is very important in college. You learn how to schedule your time so you make room for everything you need to get done.       

SLS helps students realize the differences between college and high school. Also, it serves as a refresher course of various topics such as note-taking, time management, and study habits which are all vital to student success.  

SLS teaches you to become an active learner and provided information for the future. 

SLS 1503 was a great way to overcome bad habits and high school vices. It gets you in the mindset for college learning and teaches you new, effective ways to study and succeed. 

SLS teaches you a lot without overloading you too much.  

It offers advice and guidance on a broad range of changes and situations new students will be new to and helps ease the transition from high school to college.  

You become more organized, more well rounded, and you get to know yourself a lot more.  

SLS 1503 helps freshmen learn valuable strategies for successful and effective learning. 

A very informative and interesting course.  Very beneficial to freshman students. 

The course is a good class; it teaches basic fundamentals of college success and is very beneficial to take.  

The SLS class is a good way for students to learn the ins and outs of academic life as well as health and wellness information.     

SLS will provide students with great tips on how to make it through college, especially the first semester which is brand new to every incoming freshman. 

I learned a lot about how to effectively take notes and prepare for tests.  I also learned how to relieve stress and focus during tests. SLS has been a great asset to me. 



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