SLS 1503 - Learning Strategies and Human Development 

SLS 1503 Faculty Resources

Course Description  

SLS 1503 is designed to assist students in making the transition into higher education. Topics include time management, test taking skills, learning strategies and styles, diversity, short- and long-term planning, developing analytical and critical thinking skills, relationships, and campus resources. Prerequisite: must be a student with less than 30 credits. (2 elective credits)

Mission/Statement of Purpose

“WE VALUE the supportive community that develops and sustains the human potential of every member of the University…”  (Florida Atlantic University Catalog, 1998-1999, pg. 17)

The Mission/Purpose of the First-Year Experience Course is multifaceted.  It is designed to: 

  • Improve students’ academic performance and persistence;

  • Empower students to become successful learners at the collegiate level;

  • Introduce students to the culture of higher education;

  • Develop a network of support and cultivate a sense of belonging and community, and;

  • Educate students in those life skills that will help them grow to be successful citizens in a university, professional, public, and global community.