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Florida Atlantic University’s School of Architecture offers lower division Pre-Architecture courses on the Boca Raton campus. These courses are required for admission to the Bachelor of Architecture program at FAU. Students will be able to complete their general education along with their Architecture courses on one campus. 

This is a limited access program, the entry points are at Design 1 (lower division program) and Design 5 (upper division program) or higher. First time in college (freshman) students are admitted to the lower division via a direct admit process at the point of admission. This means in order to be considered for admission into the Pre-Architecture major (lower division), students must select Pre-Architecture on their admissions application. At that point, the Admissions office will evaluate the student record and determine if the student meets the criteria to be admitted to the Pre-Architecture major (lower division). Students cannot major in Architecture at FAU or start the Design course sequence unless they are admitted to the Pre-Architecture major (lower division). This requirement is common for all undergraduate professional degree programs in the United States. Admission to the upper division program comes after the lower division course requirements have been completed and a portfolio is submitted.  

Please note, the program will take five (5) years from when the student begins Design 1.

 **Please be aware that after completion of the lower division Pre-Architecture courses and acceptance into the School of Architecture, all upper division Architecture courses will be taught on the Downtown Fort Lauderdale campus.


Application Process 

To learn more about the Pre-Architecture major at FAU, please visit the Architecture department website:

Incoming & Current Freshmen:  University Advising Services (561.297.3064)

Current Freshmen & Sophomores: The Schmidt College of Arts & Letters (561-297-3800)

Freshman & Sophomore Class Sequences
The following does not constitute academic advising. Therefore, for further clarification of coursework be sure to contact your academic advisor.

 Curriculum Sheets for: 

  • Architecture (Admitted/plan to apply to the FAU Design Program)



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