The Associate of Arts (AA) Degree is awarded through University Advising Services to students who have:

  • Earn a minimum of 60 credits in academic courses acceptable toward the degree with at least a cumulative 2.0 FAU GPA.
  • Earn a minimum of 40 of the 60 credits at the lower-division (1000-2000) level as indicated by the Statewide Course Numbering System (SCNS) designations or their equivalents.
  • Earn a minimum of 30 of the 40 lower-division (1000-2000) credits at FAU. (This may be waived for students who transfer more than 30 lower-division degree-applicable credits from a single Florida public state college.)
  • Earn a minimum of 30 of the 60 credits in residence at FAU and complete the last semester in residence at FAU.
  • Apply no more than 30 credits of non-traditional credit toward the degree earned through Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Correspondence Courses, International Baccalaureate (IB) or Military Service Schools, subject to limits for each as stated in the Academic Policies and Regulations section of this catalog. Credits earned in this manner will be considered transfer credits.
  • Fulfill the Intellectual Foundations Program requirements.
  • Satisfy the Writing Across Curriculum (Gordon Rule) and Gordon Rule Computation Skills requirements.
  • Submit an Associate of Arts degree application to University Advising Services.
  • Meet the Foreign Language Entrance Requirement (FLENT).
  • Complete the Florida Civic Literacy Requirement (for students who initially entered a Florida college system institution or a state university in fall 2018 and thereafter).

Note: After completing all requirements for the Associate of Arts degree, students may apply for the A.A. degree in a any semester prior to the semester in which a their baccalaureate degree is awarded. If students do not complete the requirements for their baccalaureate degree, they must request their Associate of Arts degree within five (5) years of completing all requirements for that degree. Non-degree students and students who have already earned an A.A. degree may not apply for the A.A. degree at FAU. Additionally, students with an "I" (incomplete grade) or "NR" (no reported grade) on their transcripts may not apply for the A.A. degree until the "I" and/or "NR" grades are removed.

Students interested in receiving an AA Degree and who are completing or have completed all requirements listed at the following links:

Students must officially submit an application to University Advising Services, SU 201. Additionally, the AA Degree will not be awarded in the same semester that the Baccalaureate Degree is awarded or in any semester following the completion of the Baccalaureate Degree, and students cannot be awarded an AA Degree with a grade of incomplete " I" on their FAU record (please refer to Incomplete Policy within the University Catalog).

Students may not apply for an AA Degree in the same semester in which the baccalaureate degree is being awarded.
Additionally, students must earn a minimum of 30 credits at the lower division at FAU prior to earning the AA.


FALL 2021 SEPTEMBER 10, 2021
SPRING 2022 JANUARY 28, 2022
 SUMMER 2022 JUNE 3, 2022


Click here for the AA Degree application
 (Adobe Acrobat Reader Needed)

Please print clearly and fax the form to University Advising Services 561.297.3132.


 Last Modified 8/23/21