2009 Showcase

Marleen & Harold Forkas Alumni Center

FAU's first annual "Teaching with Technology Showcase" was held on Saturday, October 24 in the FAU Boca Raton Alumni Center. Approximately 90 attendees (primarily FAU faculty) participated in sessions on:

    • Panel discussions from FAU’s Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs), podcasting,
    • Large enrollment lecture courses and using technology to enhance them,
    • Increased student engagement through interaction and online learning communities,
    • Improved student participation and performance though the use of clickers,
    • Integration of streaming video,
    • Simulation and Web 2.0 technologies into your courses

For more detailed information about the presentations and speakers, click on the links below::

Welcoming Remarks - Ed Pratt and Jason Ball

Keynote Speaker - Mary Lasica, Education Advocate (AT&T)

Portraits of Practice:  FAU's Faculty Learning Communities

    • Getting Caught in the Net:  Our Journey to Online Teaching
      Susan Brown, Terry Eggenberger, Tobin Hindle and Mara Schiff
    • I Want To Teach Online:  What Do I Do Now?
      Victoria Brown, Dave Kalinich and Richard Mangan
      Handout [PDF]
    • Technology Enhanced Learning in the Classroom
      Ravi Behara, Derrick Huang, Mary Davis, Evelyn Frazier, Chaoki Ghenai, James Hartmann, Alka Sapat and Ramesh Teegavarapu

Success Stories:  Faculty Teaching with Technology

    • Are You There?  Engaging or Disengaging Students
      Maria Vasquez
    • Podcasts:  A New Way of Delivering Learning and Information
      Hanadi Saleh
      Presentation [PPT]
    • Jump In... the Water's Fine!  Hybridizing and Energizing Your (Very) Large Enrollment Lecture Course
      Jennifer Peluso

Nuts and Bolts of Technology and Teaching

    • Technology Enhanced Learning for Delivering Mechanical Engineering Courses
      Chaoki Ghenai
      Handout [PDF]
    • Building Community and Student Involvement
      Deborah Raines, Fred Fejes and Leonardo Martinez
      Handout [PDF]
    • IRM Listening Session
      Jason Ball, Molly Munro and Alison Marcoff