Meet the Venture Class 3 Winners


Child Rescue Coalition

Carly Asher Yoost, Desiree Asher and Judith Asher
Venture Class 3

Protecting Innocence Through Technology

Child Rescue Coalition partners with law enforcement and child advocates around the world to shield, rescue, and safeguard children from sexual exploitation. They use leading-edge technology to help track, arrest and convict those who use the Internet to harm young children.

Their technology gives law enforcement access to information about abuse in their area that they may not know even exists. The company is able to paint a complete picture of predatory behavior and use historical data to reveal trends that would be impossible for any agency to track on its own.



June Adams and James Khalil
Venture Class 3

Calculating for engineering compliance made easy

Easier, faster, smarter, and greener electrical engineering design for buildings. PowerCalc™ is the first SaaS-based software that completely automates the electrical engineering calculations for the Building, Construction, and Facility Management Industries in compliance with the National Electrical Code (NEC). Just 3 easy inputs calculates over 300 NEC compliant outputs – a building’s entire power distribution system from the light bulb to the power grid.

Gold Winner of 2016 Product of the Year by Consulting Specifying Engineers


SoFla Sunwear

Thomas Gregory
Venture Class 3

South Florida Apparel Company

A lifestyle brand of clothing established to represent the culture found in South Florida. The company promotes year-round beach trips, boat rides, outdoor activities, and sun-filled days with friends and family. SoFla produces apparel for men and women, as well as swimwear, head gear, sporting goods, and various accessories.



Ray Briant
Venture Class 3

A digital time capsule, recording memorable locations

Do you know what happened here in this exact spot yesterday? What about last year or even 100 years ago? TiLoTag is a patented smartphone app that allows you to discover the memories that surround you. With TiLoTag you can also create and leave a legacy memory for friends and family to discover in the future. All you need is TiLoTag and a smartphone… Download application and start preserving and discovering memories by location that were left by friends, family or general public.