Meet the Venture Class 2 Winners



Steve Carter and Chris Daniels
Venture Class 2

Elevated Engagement. Branding. Hiring.

In 2013, Candidate.Guru started with a simple mission, to use AI and big data to solve the fit between manager and employee fit. Fast forward to 2017 when the company acquired Elevated Careers by eHarmony, and now has a product and story that far outweighs anything they had hoped for.

Today, the rebranded company "Elevated" is the first ever all-in-one platform for elevating employer branding, hiring, and employee engagement: Elevated. Talent Attraction, Recruiting, and Human Resources can not only assess organizational culture and map brand messaging, but also match job candidates to companies based on culture, skills, and personality fit using the same methodology. Combined with their instant prediction technology and existing infrastructure, Elevated is one of the most exciting HR Technology tools available for mid-size and enterprise businesses.



Adam Roth and Elena Soboleva
Venture Class 2

Online Remote Proctoring

Honorlock offers cloud-based solutions to curb academic dishonesty during online assessments. The innovative software detects and discourages cheating while remaining non-invasive. The award-winning system is scalable, data-driven, and highly desirable from students to teachers to future employers.



Janice Haley
Venture Class 2

All Day Every Day Fitness™

Tone-y-Bands™ brings to market a unique arm toning system that helps people to tone arms and shoulder muscles, burn calories, and live a healthier lifestyle. Tone-y-Bands™ are sleek and stylish adjustable wrist weights that can be worn throughout the day to get more out of your everyday activities or with exercise to enhance your workout. Exercise facilities use Tone-y-Bands™ in spin, dance, barre and cardio classes. The Tone-y-Bands™ can be easily adjusted to let you add weights as you get stronger. Enjoy Tone-y-Bands™ when you walk, exercise, and play!