Launch Competition Resources

Executive Summary Samples and Articles

All applicants must upload an executive summary during the application process.
This one page document summarizes your business while giving an overview of competitive products, funding needs, management structure and other key information.

FAU Tech Runway Template
Writing a Compelling Executive Summary

Business Plan Templates and Articles

All applicants must upload a business plan during the application process.
Companies may use any business plan of their choosing.

FAU College of Business Template
Nuts and Bolts of New Ventures Business Plan Template
Harvard-MIT Business Plan Tutorial
SCORE Business Plan Template
ARTICLE: How Angel Investors Read Business Plans
ARTICLE: What Do Angel Investors Really Want?
ARTICLE: How to Write a Business Plan for VC’s and Business Angels

Pitch Deck Examples

All applicants must upload a pitch deck during the application process.
Finalists will give a live pitch to a panel of judges.

Sequoia Capital
Business Plan Presentation Format