Infographic Description: FAU Tech Runway by the numbers:

FAU Tech Runway graphically displays important numbers with illustrative icons inside eight circles, with the number above the circle and the description below. These numbers are from October 2014 through October 2019. The first circle is for revenue generated, $109,900,000, is purple and includes a bar graph with an arrow going up, showing an increase. The second circle represents new jobs, 587, is magenta with a silhouette of a brief case. The third represents total funds invested, $95,330,000, is fuscia and depicts a hand holding a dollar sign inside a smaller circle. The fourth circle is green, represents the average salary, $80,858, and has an icon of three dollar bills lined up. The fourth circle is turquoise and depicts intellectual patents and trademarks filed, 80, with a head inside and two gear shapes inside the head. The fifth is a variant of blue, represents FAU students employed, 96, and has three silhouettes of people in an inverted pyramid. The seventh circle is a cyan, representing internships offered, 199, with three people below a world wide web globe icon. The last circle is a royal blue, representing companies assisted, 93, with a box inside, with a check mark coming out of the box.