Field Education Program at a Glance



Orientation and Internship Placement

Interprofessional Education (IPE)

The Inter-professional Education (IPE) program is a component of the field education curriculum. All foundation curriculum MSW students are required to participate in this program during the year that they are in the field internship. The goal of the IPE program is to prepare students for collaborative professional practice. MSW Students will interact with students from other professional programs within the university. At this time the College of Medicine, College of Nursing, and Phyllis and Harvey Sandler School of Social Work are active participants in the IPE program.

The IPE program is comprised of three (3) Inter-professional Education Development Sessions (IPED) and three (3) Senior Aging Geriatric Educator (SAGE) visits. Community-dwelling older adults volunteer and serve as SAGE Mentors for social work, medical, and nursing students to introduce them to the benefits of working on inter-professional teams and learning about the aging experience of the mentors.  The objective is to familiarize students, through experiential learning, with collaboration and healthcare issues specific to the aging process.

The IPED Sessions are held on the campus.

  • IPED 1 – Roles, Responsibilities, Collaboration, and Care (fall semester)
  • IPED 2 – Communication and Teamwork (fall semester)
  • IPED 3 – Health Care Policy and Quality (spring Semester)

The SAGE Mentor Visits are held at agencies in the community.

  • Visit 1 – occurs in the fall semester
  • Visits 2 & 3 – occurs in the spring semester

Specific dates for the IPED sessions and SAGE visits are provided to students during the field application period and during the orientation. This allows students to plan for the sessions.

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