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Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups at FAU provide first-year students with the opportunity to engage with peers who share their major and/or interests. At some other institutions you will hear the terms learning communities, living learning communities, or first-year interest groups, at FAU we call these Affinity Groups.

Affinity Groups are open to both first-year residential and commuter students! Residential students will live with other Affinity Group students in their residence hall (space is limited after May 15) and commuter students will be engaged through the SLS course and the co-curricular programming happening on campus in the residence halls. Students will work with their advisor to build their specific course schedule and will enroll in SLS 1412 or SLS 1503, which will be specific to their Affinity Group. In addition, students will be exposed to a variety of events and programs outside of the classroom that connect directly to their Affinity Group. Overall, data shows that students who participate in an Affinity Group or a similar group (e.g., learning community) attain higher GPAs and higher first-to-second year retention.

Residential students interested in living in an Affinity Group apply directly in their Housing application. Commuter students can apply within the Owl Done portal. Students who applied to an Affinity Group should watch their FAU email account for acceptance and next steps. Reach out to the Student Success Initiatives team with any questions by emailing

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Affinity Group Name Description
  • Section 044
  • Section 042
  • Section 033
  • Section 037
Join other students interested in the global study of business! As the 10th largest college of business in the nation, FAU offers a wide variety of traditional business majors (i.e., marketing, finance, management, et al.) plus some truly cutting edge areas such as hospitality and tourism management, health administration, entrepreneurship, and forensic accounting. As part of the Affinity Group, you will bond with members of the business community, form strong study groups, and visit many areas of the college of business complex. You'll be inspired by cutting edge faculty members from multiple business disciplines to help you on your future journey.We welcome you to consider the FAU College of Business Affinity Group!
Criminal Justice
  • Section 006
The Criminal Justice Learning Community is designed for first-year students who are committed criminal justice majors. As members of this community, they have the option to participate in educational, social and community service programs that will help them feel at home at FAU and introduce them to opportunities in the criminal justice field.
Engineering Owls
  • Section 040
Due to the extremely rigorous and structured nature of the engineering/computer science curriculum, it is critical that first-year students are provided with a comprehensive support system that incorporates a supportive community, academic support, professional development opportunities and social activities. By providing hands-on guidance throughout their first year, this AG will help ease the students’ transition to Florida Atlantic University, enhance student's on-campus experiences through strategic campus activities, expose students to various university-wide opportunities to engage in student clubs/organizations, undergraduate research, internships and much more.
First Generation The First-Generation Affinity Group is a housing opportunity that connects First-Generation students to create a community and cohort on FAUs campus. First-Generation students are more likely to suffer from impostor syndrome and not have a concrete support system which leads to them either dropping out, transferring, or taking much longer than their peers to graduate. By starting a First-Generation Affinity Group, a social and academic support group can be started as soon as First-Generation Students reach campus.
All students that are first in family to go to college and by creating a cohort for them earlier on, roots and support (both social and academic) for these first-generation students will start early. The community will benefit Residential Education, FAU, and ultimately students by giving an insight on what first-generation students need to succeed on this campus. Considering that there are over 8,000 students who identify as first-generation, this community will give us insight on how to better serve that population of students.
The purpose will be achieved through a planned curriculum and group meetings which allows bonds to form early in the year as well as peer and staff support.
Freshman Learn
Separate application required
Freshman Learn (F-LEARN™) is an affinity group that focuses on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) students’ academic success. By working with on-campus partners, F-LEARN™ provides a select group of first-year students an inquiry-based/hands-on learning experience through an early research opportunity that is generally reserved for upper-level students. For more information, and to apply, visit the Freshman Learn website.
Heart of Healthcare
  • Section 016
Health Care is a huge part of our economy, our political agenda, and our personal futures. Many students have a general interest in health-related matters, and those interests are both widely diverse and closely interrelated. Are you considering becoming a health care provider, going into health economics, becoming a journalist with a specialty in health care, going into health law, becoming a politician with a special interest in health, pursuing a career in medical research, or in any other way have a strong interest in health-related matters? This affinity group provides you the opportunity to share that interest in your living environment with others in health-related majors who want to learn and explore together with you.
La Casa FAU
Beginner/Intermediate Language Proficiency Required
  • Section 004
Don’t just study and speak the language – live it! La Casa FAU coordinates academics and a living space with a shared interest in the Hispanic culture and Spanish language. Led by faculty from our Spanish Studies department, fully immerse yourself in the culture and language for two semesters and learn to think more expansively about the Spanish speaking world. Enhance your residential experience by navigating day-to-day life while interacting in Spanish with your room, suite and floor-mates. This affinity group is recommended for non-native speakers who have taken at least two years of high school Spanish or a beginner’s Spanish course in college, and Spanish heritage learners. Spanish heritage learners are students who grew up speaking or hearing Spanish at home or int heir community, who have had no formal Spanish courses, and who have been educated predominately in English. Proficiency: intermediate or below.
LEAD and Serve This community will serve first-year students living on-campus. The overall purpose of the community will be to build on leadership development activities and experiences that participant students may have had in high school (i.e. Student Council/Government, Yearbook, etc.) and connect them with leadership development programs and activities at FAU (i.e. Freshman Class Council, student organizations, iLead, etc.) The purpose will be achieved by student attendance at iLead, a Day of Service (Weeks of Welcome and/or Homecoming), Fall Hot Topic Institute, and more. Students will then be able to make meaning out of their experience through in-class reflection.
Media and Communications
  • Section 038
Are you fascinated by the news media or sports communication? Do you see yourself as an investigative journalist, a TV reporter who asks the hard-hitting questions in interviews, or a production professional working behind-the-scenes in print, television, or digital news media? If you answered "yes" to any of these, the Media and Communications Affinity Group is for you!
Mind, Body, Behavior
  • Section 008
The Mind, Body, Behavior Affinity Group provides first-year exercise science, psychology, and neuroscience students with the opportunity to live and learn together while exploring potential careers in physical therapy, physician’s assistant, occupational therapy, athletic training, and other medical fields. In addition to living with others who share your passion for the sciences, sports, and exercise, you will receive intentional academic support through advising, tutoring, and study groups to promote the transition to the major and the FAU community. Lab and facility tours, guest speakers, and other activities are designed to help you explore career options and provide opportunities to meet with professionals in the field.
Department Approval Required
The Nursing Affinity Group is for first-year students who have been admitted to the FAU Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing. The mission of this affinity group is to give students an introduction into the field of Nursing, the skills needed to be successful in the career, and to provide a network of support from classmates, faculty, and mentors.
Instructor Permission Required
  • Section 015
  • Section 007
The Pre-Health Professions Affinity Group is available for students considering Pre-Health Professions majors including: pre-med, pre-veterinary, pre-optometry, pre-dental, and pre-pharmacy. Admission to a Medical/Professional school is a very complicated and competitive process that requires exceptional grades, community involvement, and leadership experience. This affinity group helps students learn the keys to being competitive applicants, while providing the support necessary for students to excel in the science curriculum.
Pre-Law Affinity Group The Pre-Law Affinity Group PLUS will offer both a starting point and ongoing support for FAU students who are considering law school. In support of this mission, PLUS will coordinate and provide a variety of services to aid students in three objectives: 1) Exploring the legal field; 2) Identifying FAU resources; and 3) Building a foundation for law school applications.
This Affinity Group will benefit Residential Education and FAU by providing a platform for existing FAU groups such as the Undergraduate Law Journal and Phi Alpha Delta with new opportunities to collaborate. FAU students interested in pre-law will also benefit from opportunities to connect and to access campus-wide resources. The Affinity Group will also benefit the FAU community by providing students with guidance for self-assessment, academic decisions, skills development, and ultimately law school applications.
Science, Technology, Math
  • Section 045
Students in the Science, Technology, and Math Affinity Group will be part of a vibrant community with strong academic support and a multitude of opportunities for social interactions. Residents of this community receive intentional academic support through advising, tutoring, and study groups while living in close proximity to their classrooms and laboratories. Students’ future success is also enhanced through the development of relationships with faculty members around research opportunities and career exploration. This affinity group assists students in navigating challenging first-year courses in science, technology, and math disciplines while making lifelong friendships.
Social/Behavioral – Psychology/Neuroscience
  • Section 024
The Social/Behavior Affinity Group is geared toward psychology and neuroscience students who are interested in the behavior of humans and nonhuman animals. In the Social/Behavioral affinity group, we will explore career options for students who are considering majoring in psychology and neuroscience with the goal of providing an environment where students can connect with each other and with faculty, learn strategies that foster personal development, and develop critical thinking skills as they explore an important social issue through the eyes of multiple disciplines and service learning experiences.
Tomorrows Teachers
  • Section 043
  • Section 010
The Tomorrows Teachers Affinity Group will allow the students to gain a hands-on practical experience that will hopefully confirm their choice of teaching as an occupation and help to clarify which level of teaching will be a better fit for them. The students will gain an understanding of how schools work within a community, an appreciation of how schools and universities cooperate to prepare teachers, and what it means to be a teacher. With the leadership of peer-mentors, students are introduced to useful resources, receive academic support through study groups, and participate in special learning and group activities. Students will come to know more about themselves, their learning styles and their vocational fit.
Under the Microscope
  • Section 019
Aspire to work with animals? Dream of solving the great challenges in human health and disease? Marvel at the building blocks of life and how research moves the world? Students who join the Under the Microscope Affinity Group will broaden their knowledge and awareness of emerging problems and innovative solutions in the life sciences, a first step in developing a career path. This affinity group is geared towards biology, chemistry, biotechnology, and geology majors, to name a few, who are interested in research “under the microscope” and beyond!
Women in Engineering
  • Section 009
According to the American Society for Engineering Education, in 2014, only 19.9% of the Bachelor's Degrees awarded in engineering were granted to female students. Clearly, intentional efforts need to be employed to increase the recruitment, retention and graduation of women in this degree. This Affinity Group will not only help women transition to the College of Engineering and Florida Atlantic University, but also support their unique needs as women in the Engineering field. Students will be connected to programs, services, and resources as well as women in the Engineering and Computer Science fields.