Mission Statement

Florida Atlantic University is committed to ensuring the success, education, safety and health of its students and the University community.

This commitment has led the University to establish the Student Crisis Awareness Committee (SCAC) and the Student Intervention Team (SIT). These committees serve as a consultation and intervention to the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students (the University’s single point of contact).

The SCAC and SIT will address intervention and management of students exhibiting at-risk and/or dangerous behavior to themselves and/or others.


Student behaviors that are seen as “at-risk” to themselves and/or to the University may generally fall into three categories:

Troubled – Students exhibiting confused, very sad, highly anxious, irritable, unmotivated, inappropriate, and/or self-harming thoughts or actions;

Disruptive – Students who disrupt or interfere with the education process and/or normal business of the University;

Threatening – Students whose actions cause someone else to feel frightened about personal safety and/or the safety of others.

 Last Modified 11/8/16