Kevin Jaques

Kevin Jaques

Kevin Jaques is a 21- year- old junior double majoring in chemistry and biology. He was accepted to Florida Atlantic University as a football player from Hollywood, Fla. But is no longer a part of the program.

“I wanted to continue my education here at FAU in hopes of graduating to later attend pharmacy school,” said Jacques.

Working as a Resident Assistant for Innovation Village Apartments while remaining an active member of Catch the Fire Ministry, Call me Creole, and Beats, Rhythms, Vibes is how Jacques stays active on campus.

He explained that the most difficult part of college so far has been getting out of his comfort zone and experiencing new things. “Just dive in and have no regrets,” Jacques said.

Being a junior and having experiences as an FAU student, we asked Jacques if he had any advice for incoming freshmen. He said, “Use all of the resources FAU has to offer. You can make clubs, pursue opportunity for your major, and build your resume. Don’t be afraid to try.”

Over the summer, Jacques will take classes and look for internships with Max Plank Labs to build up his skills in the lab working on placebos.

When asked about where he would like to be in the next five years, he said, “I want to take a road trip across the country, visiting bizarre and cool places with my friends and graduate pharmacy school. I would also like to give back to my high school community by creating a scholarship fund under the Future Black Male Leaders of America, so that other students have an equal opportunity to attend college.”


College of Science


Double Major in Chemistry and Biology




Hollywood, Florida

Clubs and Organizations:

Resident Assistant in Innovation Village Apartments North and a member of three different student-organizations: Catch the Fire Ministries, Konbit Kreyol, and Beats, Rhymes Vibes.

What would you like to accomplish in the next five years?:

In the next five years, I would like to have finished pharmacy school and start a scholarship fund at my high school and other schools in the area so students can attend college.

Words to live by:

“Life is short and chaotic, so eat the dessert first!"

What’s one thing every FAU student should experience?

ResFest! Coming is as a transfer student I was assigned to a freshmen team. ResFest allowed me to meet other transfer students. The weekend-long competition brought people together, as a captain I witnessed this even more.

Advice for fellow students:

My advice is to use all the resources FAU has to offer. You can make clubs, pursue opportunities in your major, build resumes. Don't be afraid to try.