Christy Web

Christy Folk

Christy Folk came to FAU and in the first week of her Freshman year joined the Enviro Club. Being a part of environmental clubs is a hobby Christy has had since middle and high school. She has always been interested in environmental consciousness and sustainability.

While at FAU Christy has gotten involved in multiple clubs and organization with leadership positions. She believes herself to be a leader in everything she does. Christy manages to be a successful and involved student by what she calls, "productive procrastination". She intentionally sets aside an exact amount of time for each task that needs to be done preventing her from putting things off.

Upon graduation, Christy wishes to intern and join a fellowship program. She will pursue her masters and a Ph. D. Christy is an environmental Science major so naturally she wishes to travel to other countries as well as trek to the Base Camp of Mount Everest.


Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College


Environmental Science


Spanish Literature




Kissimmee, Florida

Clubs and Organizations:

President of the Enviro Club, Certified Student Leader, Emerging Young Leaders Mentor, Orientation and Welcome Leader, Former President of Corn Maya Club, Former Owls Care Leader, Former COSO Assistant, Student Government Volunteer

Words to live by:

"Never underestimate the power of endorphins, the warmth of the sun, the charm of musicals, and the love of God."


I have been privileged to spend two summers abroad during my time here at FAU, so I highly recommend doing a study abroad program, no matter where it is.

Advice for fellow students:

Make the effort to seek out people who can build you up and make you a better person rather than hanging out with people who are negative or will bring you down. The people that you call friends will have a huge influence on your personal development.