Project Guidelines

Design & Approval

The design and approval process generally takes two to three weeks. This does not include printing time. Turnaround may vary depending upon the nature of the project, if all the necessary elements are provided to Student Affairs Marketing & Communications in a timely manner. Remember, Creative Services take 2-3 days to approval a project, too. 

Please use the guide below to plan your project. Times listed do not include printing time. 

Trifold Brochures/Event Programs (new design): 10-15 working days
Multiple Page Brochure: 15-20 working days
Posters: 10-15 working days
Banners: 10-15 working days
Reprint (any): 8 working days
Reprint w/ Revisions: 10-15 working days


Please add 2-3 days for Creative Services approval.


You must use an approved FAU Vendor. Click here for the list of approved FAU vendors.

This is a comprehensive list and includes all products, from t-shirts to trophies and printed paper.

Refer to the vendor list often as it routinely changes.

Web and Digital Media

The Student Affairs web development team is committed to providing professional results for Student Affairs digital/web needs.

Requests which fall into this category include, but are not limited to:

Web page content updates
Web page creation
Web page deletion
Navigation updates
Digital form creation and updates
Website redesigns
Website consultation meetings

Project timelines

Please use the guide below to plan your project.
*Timelines are dependent on receipt of all content provided.

Page Creation:
3-5 business days
Web Banners:
5-10 business days
Web Redesigns:
10-20 business days
Web Updates:
3-5 business days
Web Form Creation:
5-10 business days
Button Creation:
5-10 business days

All web request vary on level of work required


Announcements which are available for distribution:

FAU Student News
MyFAU Personal Announcement
Student Affairs Weekly Update
Student Affairs Spotlight requests

Announcement Reach

Please use the guide below to plan your announcement.*

Publication Target Audience reached Audience receiving information
FAU Student News Students Students
Student Affairs Weekly Update Student Affairs Faculty and Staff Student Affairs Faculty and Staff
MyFAU Announcement Students Students, Faculty, and Staff
Student Affairs Spotlight requests Students, Faculty, and Staff, External community Students, Faculty, and Staff
External Community

Submission timelines

Please use the guide below to plan your timeline.
*Timelines are dependent on receipt of all content provided.

Publication Submission deadline Distribution day Distribution
FAU Student News Friday at noon Monday Weekly
Student Affairs Weekly Update Monday at noon Tuesday Weekly
MyFAU Announcement At minimum 5 business days before announcement/event Adjusted per the announcement/event Daily
Student Affairs Spotlight requests At minimum 10 business days before requested launch Adjusted per the announcement/event Adjusted per the announcement/event


The Student Affairs Marketing Flickr account contains a database of campus photos that you may find helpful.

They are categorized by “collections.” Each collection contains “albums.” Accordingly we have:

1.     Campus Life Collection: Campus Recreation, Student Involvement, Student Government, Student Union.

2.     DOS (Dean of Students) Collection: Weppner Center for LEAD & Service-Learning, New Student Orientation, Parent & Family Programs, Upward Bound

3.     Housing Collection

4.     Health & Wellness Collection: CAPS, Owls Care Health Promotion, Student Health, Student Accessibility Services

5.     Outreach Collection: Diversity & Multicultural Affairs, ISSS, Military & Veterans Affairs

6.     FAU Career Center

7.     Portrait Collection: Dr. King, Staff

8.     Campus Photos Collection: Boca Raton, Broward, Jupiter

We will also accept your photos that are high quality and at least 300 dpi. SA Marketing & Communication reserves the right edit or deny photos that are poor or inappropriate for publication.

Please send photos to be submitted for review and posting to:

 Last Modified 3/22/17