Message From the Student Government President


My name is Michael Cairo, and I am honored to serve as your Student Body President. It is my job to work with the Administration and the Board of Trustees to communicate our needs and make the voice of the students heard.

You could not have chosen to come to Florida Atlantic University (FAU) at a better time in our history. After being recently ranked by Florida Governor Rick Scott’s office as the Number 1 University in the State, Florida Atlantic University is on the cusp of an explosive transformation period. As students attending FAU in 2016-2017, we have a unique opportunity to come together to create traditions that will last a lifetime. Because of this transformative period and the multitude of involvement opportunities at FAU, you, as an individual, have the opportunity to make an impact on our University that will last for generations to come.

Making a difference is as simple as exploring what our university has to offer us all. With over 300 student clubs, and organizations, various academic departmental programs, and our electrifying school spirit, there truly is a place for everyone at Florida Atlantic University. Wherever you may end up, keep in mind that we’re all here for the same thing – to better ourselves, and by doing so we will improve the University community as a whole.

Student leaders on campus are always here to represent the best interests of the students on all fronts. Just like it was in high school, your time here is limited, and it will go by quickly! Take it from me, I’m already a senior and I feel like U just started here at FAU! So make the most out of every day, explore every opportunity before you, and always remember that by being at FAU at this time un our history, you are part of something revolutionary.

Go Owls!
Michael Cairo
Student Government President