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The Career Development Center Faculty Advisory Board is a distinguished group of Dean and faculty members representing 8 colleges at FAU. The board members serve in an advisory capacity and support the Career Development Center's mission, services and programs. The CDC Faculty Advisory Board is committed to ensuring that FAU students and the Career Development Center have optimal and mutually beneficial interactions. The Advisory Board will generate innovative ideas and implement them so that we and our faculty colleagues do the following:

  • Serve as a conduit to the professional community to elicit input and feedback regarding opportunities, trends and our students' capabilities.
  • Promote greater participation in CDC events and activities so that more students, faculty, staff and employers seek and receive the appropriate services in a timely and convenient manner.

These actions should enable the following outcomes:

  • Greater utilization of the full range of CDC services
  • Improved professional and personal opportunity and growth
  • Increased student retention and satisfaction
  • Promote FAU as the preferred provider of Human Resources talent in a growing service area
CDC Faculty Advisory Board Members 2008 - 2008
College of Architecture, Urban & Public Affairs
Dr. John Sandell
Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts & Letters
Dr. Ken Keaton
College of Business
Dr. Somnath Bhattacharya
Dr. Janice Cerveny
College of Education
Dr. Deborah W. Shepherd
College of Engineering
Dr. Maria Larrondo Petrie
Christene E. Lynn College of Nursing
Dr. Josie Weiss
Charles E. Schmidt College of Sciences
Dr. Ingrid Johanson

If you are interested in joining the CDC Faculty Advisory Board or would like more information, please call Sandra Jakubow at 7-3533 or at We welcome your interest and participation.

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