Co-operative Education/ Internships
Earn While You Learn
The Co-operative Education Program provides an invaluable career development tool. As part of their academic careers, co-op students alternate their university education program time with on-the-job experiences directly related to their academic majors in industry, business or governmental organizations. Co-op students earn a salary and may be eligible to receive credit pending approval of their academic department. This program is available to interested students in all colleges at FAU.

The Co-op Program is based on the philosophy that gainful experience in the student's chosen field before graduation affords a number of opportunities not otherwise available: to apply methods and principles learned in the classroom to actual work situations and problems, to enhance academic motivation, to assist in career selection and accelerate professional maturity, to help defray the costs of education, and to develop better opportunities for employment upon graduation.

The University Co-operative Education Program
within the Career Development Center for students enrolled in all colleges.
Internship opportunities

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