Strategic Planning & Goals

Strategic Planning

The Student Affairs Leadership Team is responsible for the Strategic Planning within the Division of Student Affairs . The team members are:

  • Dr. Larry Faerman - Acting Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Dr. Andrea Guzman - Associate VP, Student Outreach & Diversity
  • Karen Gough - Assistant VP, FAU Career Center
  • Tracy Boulukos - Assistant VP, Financial Aid & New Student Services Initiatives
  • Audrey Pusey – Interim Dean of Students

The Strategic Planning team strives to keep divisional functions, programs, and services aligned with the division’s core values and goals, FAU Platforms, and Board of Governor (BOG) metrics.

Signature Events for the 2019-2020 year (Core Value Events):

  • Diversity: Intentional awareness and inclusion
  • Innovation: Striving for creative solutions and continuous improvement
  • Integrity: Accountability to divisional goals and professional standards
  • Collaboration: Shared programs, services, and governance to achieve maximum benefit
  • Leadership: Students, staff, structures, by teaching, learning, acting...model the way
  • Wellness: Care for self, care for others, care for community

To ensure alignment between departmental functions and the Division’s core values, the Strategic Planning team developed a set of Core Values Metrics to demonstrate impact through both Signature Events and programming. The Signature Events and dates for the 2018-19 year are as follows for each core value:

  • College to Careers / Academic Success Conference – August 17, 2019 (Innovation)
  • Owl Involved – August 18, 2019 (Collaboration)
  • iLead Weekend – September 28, 2019 (Leadership)
  • Healthy Campus Expo – October 10, 2019 (Wellness)
  • Festival of Nations - March 26, 2020 (Diversity)
  • Assessment Showcase – April 6, 2020 (Integrity)


See how the Division of Student Affairs measures its core values




Goal 1: Successfully enroll a 2019 FTIC class of 3500 students with: a minimum GPA of 3.6, Median 50% mean of 4.0; Minimum ACT of 22 with Median 50% mean of 25. Increase out-of-state enrollment of the undergraduate student population to 18%.

Goal 2: Fully develop digital marketing/recruiting strategies with along with a focused "follow-up" strategy for attracting and enrolling students who meet our benchmarks in select majors.

Goal 3: Begin a pilot program with Hillel to co-recruit and attract out-of-state students from the Northeast and mid-West to FAU.

Goal 4: Engage aggressively in recruiting the best freshman class in FAU history for Fall 2019. Follow the metrics closely.

Goal 5: Help us become a highly-targeted research and data-oriented university that fully understands the mind and expectations of the gifted high school student.

Goal 6: Aggressively and successfully recruit National Merit Scholars and assist in implementing the strategy for producing National Merit Scholars from FAU High School. Set a goal of 25 new NMS Scholars entering for Fall 2019.


Goal 1: Highlight and correct deficiencies that reduce our overall institutional effectiveness and responsiveness to student needs/expectations.

Goal 2: Ensure that expectations for student success at FAU remain a top priority.

Goal 3: Work with the Provost's office to develop a strategy to dramatically reduce the number of students who transfer out of FAU to other SUS schools during or after their Freshman year.

Goal 4: Continue your very impressive efforts at enrolling and ensuring success (including 4-yr graduation) of First-Generation students.

Goal 5: Develop strategies to obtain $45,000/yr mean starting salaries for the BOG metric for our graduating students in 2019.


Goal 1: Become an expert in using Dashboards and Data Analytics to develop specific improvement strategies and document metric-driven successes. Engage your staff where appropriate in the use of selective dashboards to improve their overall understanding of data and gain buy-in.

Goal 2: Develop and fully utilize unit-by-unit dashboards that track progress toward goals. Engage your team of direct-reports in metric tracking for assessment.


Goal 1: Document your success in moving forward the Platforms of the “2025 Race to Excellence”.


Goal 1: Become an integral "player" in helping lead the Student Affairs portion of "Development" for a Comprehensive Fund-raising Campaign. Develop the beginning strategies/naming opportunities, donor relations and support materials.

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FAU Pillars & Platforms (from A Strategic Plan for the Race to Excellence)

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Community Engagement & Economic Development
  • Diversity
  • Global Perspectives & Participation
  • Healthy & Environmentally Sustainable Campus
  • Leadership, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Peace, Justice, & Human Rights
  • South Florida Culture
  • Undergraduate Research & Inquiry


Board of Governor (BOG) Metrics

  • M1 - Percent of bachelor's graduates employed in FL or continuing education in US
  • M2 - Average wages of baccalaureate graduates employed full-time in FL
  • M3 - Average cost per undergraduate degree
  • M4 - Four (4) year graduation rates for FTIC
  • M5 - Academic Progress Rate (2nd year retention with GPA above 2.0)
  • M6 - Bachelor’s degrees awarded in areas of Strategic Emphasis
  • M7 - Percent of undergraduates with a Pell-grant
  • M8 - Graduate degrees awarded in areas of Strategic Emphasis
  • M9 - Baccalaureate degrees awarded without excess hours
  • M10 - Percent of baccalaureate degrees awarded to minorities