Men's Health Care

A full array of men's health services is available to FAU students. This health care is provided by Physician Assistants, Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and Physicians. Following is a description of some of the services available.  These services are available to any student, regardless of which campus he attends.

Annual Examination

Annual men's health examinations are offered by appointment. These examinations include urinalysis, blood pressure, weight, genitourinary exam, and gonorrhea and syphilis testing as well. A general health assessment also focuses on risk factors for AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections and preventive health measures such as testicular self-exam and prostate cancer screening, if indicated.

Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing

Testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is available by appointment. These infections include gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, trichomonas, genital warts (HPV), herpes, pubic lice, scabies, HIV and hepatitis. The Provider and the patient together decide which tests will be performed, based upon which symptoms are present, possible exposure, risk factors, and patient request.

Examination Instructions

If you make an appointment for an annual exam or STI screening, do not urinate for two hours prior to your appointment time. The provider will talk with you and answer any questions you have before the examination.

Self Care

Educational pamphlets covering a wide variety of medical/health issues are available for students in the clinic and at Owls Care Health Promotion to assist with self-care and decision making.

 Last Modified 10/18/18