Frequently Asked Questions

An exam and x-ray are required by law because a dentist has to diagnose what type of cleaning is needed for each patient. An examination and x-rays are used to confirm the health needs of your mouth.


Generally, new patients are scheduled within 1 week.


A routine healthy mouth cleaning, called a prophylaxis, is given to patients who have no periodontal (gum) issues present. It is generally for patients who have kept up with their cleanings every six months and have healthy gums and no deep periodontal pocketing.

Deeper cleanings, called debridement, or root planing, are completed on patients who have symptoms ranging from gingivitis (puffiness and bleeding gums) to periodontal disease (bone loss and infection in the gums).


Yes; however, our fees average 20-30% less than dentists in the Boca Raton area.


This is not recommended for two reasons: First, we want to make sure there are no cavities or conditions that would create sensitivity or pain in your mouth during whitening; second, we want to make sure you have clean teeth so that you are whitening teeth and not debris.


As long as your regular dentist can verify you have had your teeth cleaned within the last six months and you have no cavities or conditions that would cause complications with whitening, we are happy to provide you with teeth whitening services.


If you have a healthy, disease-free mouth, we recommend a cleaning every six months. If you have periodontal disease, we recommend a cleaning every three months.


Generally, new patients are scheduled within 1 week.


Wisdom teeth need to be evaluated because, in most cases, they can cause pain, swelling and eventual crowding problems for most college-aged patients. An initial examination is a good time to determine if your wisdom teeth will need to be removed.


It can be a dental-related problem, but it can also be a problem that needs to be evaluated by a specialist. Our dentist will do an evaluation and will treat the area here if possible. If it is a problem that requires a referral to see a specialist, we will provide you with the referral.


We are happy to provide a second opinion. Please schedule an appointment and bring the written treatment plan and any previous x-rays you’ve had concerning the diagnosis for which you are seeking a second opinion.


A new patient exam consists of hard and soft tissue charting, an oral cancer check, a visual examination, periodontal probing to check gum pocket depths, charting dental conditions, x-rays, and finally, creating a custom treatment plan for your dental needs.


FAU students, faculty and staff do not need insurance to use the Dental Clinic. Please remember, if you do not have insurance and you are a student, your charges will be applied to your student account. FAU staff and faculty without insurance, you will need to pay for your services at the time of your appointment.


If you had x-rays taken at another office within the last six months, you can bring them to your appointment at the FAU Dental Clinic and we will not charge you to take another set of x-rays. You must have them with you at your initial appointment.


We can do a limited exam with two to three x-rays of the problem area, addressing only the one tooth/problem area. You are welcome to come back at any time for a complete new patient exam and full series of x-rays to examine your whole mouth.
 Last Modified 4/16/19