International Student Health Insurance Plan

All international students are permitted to register for classes at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) only after demonstrating that they hold medical insurance coverage which meets the guidelines set by the Florida Board of Governors Regulation BOG 6.009 and FAU Regulation 4.009. International students with F-1 and J-1 status are required to maintain continuous insurance coverage throughout the entire duration of their association with FAU (including any period authorized for academic training or authorized vacation or leave).  International students beginning enrollment in the fall semester must show proof of insurance for the full academic year, including the summer semester.  Students beginning enrollment in the spring or summer semesters, must have coverage extending from at least the beginning of the term to the third week of August. Misrepresenting or willfully failing to maintain appropriate medical insurance coverage will result in serious consequences for the student.

All international students must provide proof of acceptable insurance coverage in order to register for classes. 


The international student health insurance plan for the 2019-20 academic year is not yet available. If you need to clear an insurance hold in order to register or need further information, please call the Office of Immunization and Insurance Compliance at 561-297-0049 or email them at


F-1 and J-1 students can comply with this requirement by:

  1. Purchasing the policy available through Florida Atlantic University and submitting the payment receipt to the Immunization and Insurance Compliance Office (Bldg SU80, room 114), or faxing the receipt to 561-297-2769. An application form for the plan may be obtained from Immunization and Insurance Compliance. Apply online by clicking here.
  2. Providing proof of an acceptable alternate medical insurance plan by submitting a completed Alternate Insurance Compliance Form to the Immunization and Insurance Compliance Office (Bldg SU80, room 114)  or faxing the form to 561-297-2769. Please note that if your insurance company does not fill out the AICF, SHS cannot review individual plans for compliance and cannot remove the hold to permit registration.

For more information, email or phone 561-297-0049.


All international students and scholars with non-immigrant status in the United States (those who have not been granted permanent residency status) while engaged in educational activities at or under the sponsorship of the College are eligible to participate in this Plan.

Only those students enrolled in Basic coverage may purchase Optional Intercollegiate Sports coverage.

Customer service e-mail: or call 954-771-5883 or 800-356-1235.

 Last Modified 6/3/19