Student travelers must submit their own travel applications. Professional staff cannot submit travel on behalf of student travelers. Please follow the steps below to apply for a graduate travel award:

  • Each traveler must read the Student Travel Policy. Download the Student Travel Procedures
  • If traveling internationally, students are required to register with the Education Abroad office and to purchase the university-approved international health and travel insurance for the duration of official programming or activities.
  • Gather the following information:
If you are requesting funding you will need to provide the following additional documentation below (NOTE: Funded travel request are subject to available funds):
  1. Gather the following information:
    • Each traveler must complete online travel training. Visit and under Training, select Sign up For Student Travel Training (Once per year)
    • Complete Graduate Travel Checklist. Download Checklist
    • Confirmation of Presenting or Competing (if applicable) (NOTE: If you do not have confirmation prior to the due date of your Student Travel application you must still apply on or before your due date.)
    • Proof of Estimated Cost (i.e. hotel, airfare, registration, rental car, shuttle/taxi, gas, etc.)
    • Mapped mileage via Google maps, showing point of origin to destination if you plan on using your own vehicle.
    • A one-page abstract on your presentation/performance.
  2. Apply for a travel award via the button at the bottom of the page.
  3. It is the University’s policy to have an approved travel Spend Authorization in Workday, the University’s finance system, prior to departure. Immediately, upon receiving a travel award letter, each traveler, that is an employee of the University, must delegate the ASAB office the ability to create Spend Authorizations and Expense Report on his/her behalf in Workday. Information on completing the delegation process will be provided in your award correspondence. (NOTE: If you are currently employed at the University, your current supervisor will be required to approve the delegation.)
If you receive a travel award, you have ten business days upon the return from your trip, to apply for your reimbursement. Each individual traveler must apply for reimbursement via the Travel Reimbursement page.

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