The Changing Face of Urban Planning 

And the Need for Just Environments

Tuesday, September 29. 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Planners seek to anticipate and meet the needs of communities, yet the disproportionate fatality rates of Black and Brown people make us question how we can improve.

How does planning policy relate to the needs of diverse communities? What do planners need to know about transportation planning for diversity and inclusion? What steps can planners take to recognize diversity and resilience in their communities?

Join the online discussion with our panel of practitioners and faculty.

Gisla Augustin, MURP
Planner, City of Pompano Beach and Founder & CEO, Gigi the Planner

Grégory Gabriel, MURP
Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency (Palm Beach TPA)

Charles Graves, MS, Community Economic Development
CC Graves and Associates, LLC

Yanmei Li, PhD, AICP
Associate Professor, Florida Atlantic University

Moderated by Serena Hoermann
MBA, Assistant Director, FAU Center for Urban and Environmental Solutions.

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FAU Department of Urban and Regional Planning Diversity and Inclusion Committee


Planning Society @ FAU
Center for Urban and Environmental Solutions

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