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EuroAmerican, IP, LLC Launches Successful Government Contracting Business With Help From the Florida SBDC at FAU.


As a successful realtor Debra Paul had the master sales skills - knowledge, strategic prospecting, active listening and empathy, along with the resilience and grit to transform her career after the market crash. She also had a creative vision to look at new markets, product development and potential for sales growth.

As Debra explored new directions she was unexpectedly introduced to an unusual and unique Over-the-Counter product called 'Burn-B Gone' and immediately saw an opportunity. The product is an amazing Doctor Recommended remedy for burns, scars, cuts, and even bugs bites. Producing prompt relief from various skin ailments after trying it herself, she immediately embraced the product as new business potential, along with its challenges – over-priced and poorly marketed.

She quickly addressed pricing and improved product marketing into the various markets and industries to include Medical, Health and Beauty, Household, and Outdoors as 'The Ultimate Multi-use Topical for Skin Care.' In the early stages of this new business development she hired an associate, Tami Dana, bringing to the table a broad background in the medical field. They clicked so well a partnership was formed, hence the beginning of their new partnership in EuroAmerican IP, LLC (EAIP), a Small Woman-Owned Business. As they both pushed the business forward, complementing each other with a unique blend of skills, they were eager to learn more about government contracting. Thus, Burn-B Gone Topical Gel became the 'Signature Product' in developing this success story. Starting with this one product slowly taking on new and unique specialty medical products has helped the growth of the business.

The SBA referred EAIP to the Florida SBDC at Florida Atlantic University (Florida SBDC at FAU). It was the Florida SBDC at FAU, in partnership with the Florida PTAC at FAU, which enabled them to take the next step and prepare them for the government sector. They took advantage of several workshops, a range of government contracting classes and the confidential one-on-one consulting services offered.

Where there is opportunity there can also be obstacles but through the help of a team of consultants they learned how to master the obstacles common to a new woman-owned government contracting business. VA assistance was provided along with building the accounts needed to master the system. Enhancing and tweaking their SAM and Bid-Match profiles, guidance with FSS and GSA Advantage brought forth other opportunities to market to the government to include teaming up with the Veteran-Owner Company to market on the GoVets Program, and DAPA with the Prime Vendor Program. Additionally, joining certain medical associations plays an important role when working with the VA Medical Systems nationwide. Through these organizations, EAIP is able to network with many VA nurses making this the perfect segment to introduce products useful in their departments.

Through persistence and hard work EAIP has been successfully growing for over 12 years. EuroAmerican's Solution Based Distribution for specialized medical products currently holds 2 FSS contracts. Through Debra and Tami's resourcefulness and innovative ideas, they became 'Sole-Sourced Distributors' for several products manufactured for EAIP, now offering many additional products found on their FSS contracts and GSA Advantage.

"Government Contracting Specialist, Carole Hart, is and has been our 'LINK' in the 'CHAIN' of doing business with Government Agencies —she has been key in helping EuroAmerican create our 'Success Story.' This alone distinguishes the SBDC and the PTAC Program from other consulting organizations that assist small businesses in accomplishing their goals." —Debra Paul, Owner/CEO and Tami Dana, Co-Owner/COO