Priority Registration Policy



Many students with disabilities have functional limitations that require some accommodation in scheduling their classes. It is important to note that priority registration assists universities in providing required accommodations in a timely and more cost effective manner since it provides for additional lead time to locate and secure accommodations and service providers.  Without such lead time, services requested on short notice are often more costly and difficult to secure. 

Priority Registration is made available only to those students who require it as an academic accommodation based on a disability. Priority Registration allows a qualified student to register for classes on the first-day registration opens for the following semester. This allows students the ability to access class information and develop a schedule that is suitable for their disability.  Priority registration is available to students who may need to plan their classes around physical needs (e.g. accessibility of the location), students who need textbooks in alternative format, students who need oral or sign language interpreters, or students needing captioning or c-print services. 



Students with certain disability-related needs may qualify for priority registration at Florida Atlantic University. The purpose of priority registration is to ensure students with disabilities have equal access to academic courses. It is incumbent upon the student to demonstrate he or she would be denied equal access to the curriculum without priority registration.

Who can request Priority Registration ?

Priority Registration is available, through Student Accessibility Services (SAS), to students:

  1. With mobility impairments that adversely impact their ability to get from class to class in a timely fashion
  2. Who need to frequently arrange for on and off-campus service providers (personal care assistants, etc.).
  3. Who cannot attend classes during certain parts of the day due to documented medical needs (chemotherapy, renal dialysis, etc.).
  4. Who use services requiring significant planning on SAS's part to arrange (interpreting, CART, Braille, alternative textbooks, etc.).

Please note this is not a complete list.  There may be other situations based on the individual disability-related limitations of the student in the educational setting, which may require priority registration in order to provide equal access.

What is the process for requesting Priority Registration?

Students who believe they are eligible based upon the above criteria should discuss their request with an SAS counselor and complete an Application for Priority Registration.  An SAS counselor will review all supporting documentation and the functional limitations of the student to determine if priority registration is an appropriate accommodation. The SAS counselor will submit the application and wait for SAS Director approval.  This service will be provided to a student if his/her disability necessitates such an accommodation in order to provide the student equal access. 

Course prerequisites are the responsibility of the student as SAS does not have the authority to add students into restricted or closed course sections.Priority registration does not override any University or Departmental regulations or policies such as the need to meet with an academic advisor, removal of any holds, enrollment limits for specific courses, etc. In addition, priority registration does not guarantee the provision of classes at specific times.

If granted Priority Registration, when will it begin?

All Priority Registration Applications from SAS students should be submitted to the SAS Director no later than thirty (30) days prior to the date for advanced registration for the following semester.

Priority registration maybe withdrawn due to change in disability status, or in cases where the accommodation is used for reasons other than the reason the accommodation was approved


Student Responsibilities:

  • Complete a Priority Registration Application.
  • Submit to SAS counselor and wait for SAS Director approval.
  • If approved, complete the SAS Disability Release Priority Registration Form.
  • When it’s time for registration:
    • Meet with your academic advisor prior to the registration date to determine an appropriate class schedule.
    • Check your status in your MYFAU account to ensure there are no holds that may prevent you from registering for classes.
    • Register for your classes using the MYFAU Self-Serve.
    • IMPORTANT: While students will have continuous access to register for classes beyond the registration start date, choosing to register late may result in classes no longer being available.

SAS Responsibilities:

  • Provide students with information regarding registration date(s) each semester. Students will receive an e-mail reminder from the SAS 2-3 weeks prior to the registration date each semester. For specific dates, please refer to the Registrar’s website.
  • Assist students with any issues that arise regarding this accommodation.

Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to Michelle Shaw, Director, at 561-297-3880 or

Priority Registration Decision

 Last Modified 5/24/18