Disability Awareness



A Month of Events 

October is Disability Awareness Month at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Each October the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) sponsors numerous campus-wide events to increase understanding of various disabilities. We cordially invite you join us at this year’s Disability Awareness Month activities.


Goalball Demonstration and Tournament

Goalball is a highly competitive team sport for people with a visual impairment. On the elite level, it is part of the United States Paralympic Games. The OSD is privileged to have Donte Mickens, Goalball bronze medalist for the United States Paralympic team, present and demonstrate Goalball annually at this event. Participants, wearing blackened goggles to simulate a visual impairment, compete for a trophy and, of course, bragging rights.




Wheelchair Basketball Demonstration and Tournament 

Playing basketball in a seated position is difficult enough, but try it on wheels! That is the challenge facing Wheelchair Basketball tournament participants at this annual Disability Awareness Month event. The event is demonstrated and officiated by Matt Glowacki, former member of the United States Paralympic Team. Participants in this very competitive event vie for the coveted #1 position.


Wheelchair Basketball


Seated Volleyball Demonstration and Tournament

Seated Volleyball is a Paralympic team sport played with a smaller court and a lower net than standing volleyball. That does not mean it is easy because an athlete’s pelvis must be touching the ground at all times, and it is considerably faster than standing volleyball. Matt Glowacki, former member of the United States Paralympic Sit-Volleyball Team, demonstrates and officiates this competitive event.


Seated Volleyball


Movie Night

A free movie with a disability-related theme is shown campus-wide each year. Examples of movies shown in the past are As Good as It Gets and Bone Collector. Popcorn and beverages are served, and lively discussions are held after the movie. Door prizes are awarded.


Movie Night



Psychological Round Table Discussion

At the request of FAU students, this event premiered in 2014. On-campus psychology professionals addressed topics and questions posed by FAU students. Open discussions ensued.


Psychological Disorders


A Taste of Disability Dinner and Luncheon

The capstone event of Disability Awareness Month is the annual Taste of Disability Dinner held at the Boca campus and the Taste of Disability Luncheon held at the Davie campus. These events offer participants the opportunity to experience a disability while dining. Attendees can experience disability simulation activities as a person with a visual impairment, a physical impairment, or a hearing impairment. The Dinner and Luncheon are thematic, with Autism Spectrum Disorders and service animals as recent themes.


Taste of Disability Dinner



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