Testing Accommodations

Florida Atlantic University

An Informational Brochure from the
Student Accessibility Services
Division of Student Affairs



Many students registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) require exam accommodations in order to ensure equal access to the educational environment. The SAS offers a secure and accessible testing environment for students with documented disabilities to take exams with accommodations, if the student and professor choose this option. Students with disabilities may need one or more of the following testing accommodations:

  • Extended time for exams and quizzes

  • Distraction-reduced or isolated setting

  • Audio-recorded exam along with printed copy

  • Use of a computer word processor

  • Use of Assistive Technology

  • Use of large print and/or CCTV

  • Breaks

  • E-copy of exams

  • No scantron



Students must submit the Testing Accommodations Form (TAF) to SAS at least one week prior to each exam.
  1. All exams will be taken in one of the SAS testing rooms at the date and time scheduled for the class. If students need to take their exams at a different time or date because of class conflict, disability related circumstances, or conflict with SAS office hours, students must complete this information at the end of section B of the TAF. A student must contact her/his professor for approval of changed date or time prior to completing the form.

  2. If the date of the exam has been changed after student submits the TAF, it is the student’s responsibility to notify the SAS in person or by phone.

  3. STUDENTS MUST BE ON TIME! Testing will begin promptly at the time indicated on the TAF. Students who arrive up to 20 minutes late will still be permitted to take their exam, but will have that time deducted from the amount of time allotted for the exam. Students who arrive more than 20 minutes late for a scheduled exam are considered a no show. Students who are a no show will be advised of their responsibility to go to the classroom to take the exam or speak to the professor about rescheduling the exam. The SAS will need the professor’s verbal or written permission to administer the exam after the time indicated on the TAF.

  4. Food or beverages, except bottled water, will not be allowed in the testing room. Cell phones, pagers or other communication devices of any kind are NOT permitted in the testing room.

  5.  ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: If a student is caught or suspected of cheating on her/his exam at SAS, the exam will be confiscated and a detailed report will be given to a student’s professor for disciplinary action.



Testing rooms at SAS are available for SAS students in a wheelchair accessible, video monitored environment on all campuses. To utilize their testing accommodations at SAS, students must first attend a Testing Orientation. This orientation is designed to provide an overview of all SAS testing policies and procedures. For more information, please check with your SAS Counselor regarding specific campus procedures to handle testing requests.





 Last Modified 11/8/16