Owls Without Limits Club

Owls Without Limits

Where Diversity Forms Unity

OWLs club The OWLS Club was founded in September 2016  


OWLs Club Mission Statement

As a student organization, Owls Without Limits seeks to work with students with disabilities on developing leadership, personal and professional skills. 

If you are interested in becoming a member or would like to know more about the club, please contact Farah Robles via email: frobles2014@fau.edu.


A Message from the OWLs Club President

Owls Without Limits is the perfect organization to complement your education. The organizations create a comprehensive program to prepare and develop leadership, personal and professional skills for students with disabilities at FAU. Owls Without Limits will help you be the leader that your were meant to be at FAU and all of you future endeavors.  



Click here to see the 2013-2014 slideshow


2013-2014 Disability Awareness Month Events

The Owls Without Limits Club was on display during the 2013-2014 Disability Awareness Month events which included goalball demonstration and competition and the wheels to the net basketball competition.


Pictured below: Goalball Demonstration and Competition (2013)


Picture Below: Wheelchair Basketball Event (2013) 


Pictured below: OWLs club Officers (2016 - 17)

Owls Without Limits Officers


Owls Without Limits Club
2016-2017 Club Officers

President: Farah Liz Robles

Vice President: Channel Jones 

Secretary: Sasha Arango 

Treasurer: Carlos Myares 




OWLS Event Calendar





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