Faculty Research Mentoring Program

Application Due Date: October 8, 2018

In order to foster the exchange of ideas and best practices in funded research, senior colleagues with significant extramural funding experience are paired with tenure-track and research faculty members who wish to be mentored and commit to submitting a fundable research proposal at the end of the one-year mentoring period.

Eligible mentors must have significant extramural funding experience as a principal investigator. Mentees must have less than five years of experience in rank as a junior faculty member. The mentor will receive $1,000 for research support, and the mentee will receive a course release, up to $2,000, plus travel funds up to $500 to visit a Program Officer. The mentor and mentee can be from the same college or department, but it is not required.

Please direct questions and comments to:
Karin Scarpinato
Executive Associate Vice President for Research