Meet the 2021 Art of Science Judges: Katherine Frazier-Jones


Katherine Frazier-Jones, director of communications of the College of Social Work and Criminal Justice.

Meet the 2021 Art of Science Judges: Katherine Frazier-Jones

The Relationship Between Research and Art

Since the inception of the Art of Science photography contest in 2019, Katherine Frazier-Jones has served as a juror – and this year is no exception.

"This contest honors the creative essence of scientific exploration by celebrating the symbiotic relationship between research and art," said Frazier-Jones about the university-wide event that invites students, faculty, postdoctoral fellows and staff to submit original photographs showcasing the cutting-edge research happening at FAU to win grand prizes such as an iPad.

Frazier-Jones is the director of communications in FAU's College of Social Work and Criminal Justice and is a well-versed writer, content creator and communications specialist. She has spent much of her professional career in close collaboration with visual artists, including graphic designers, photographers and videographers. Frazier-Jones is familiar with the planning and production process of photography shoots for national advertising campaigns, and said she has a deep understanding of what makes an image compelling, and the make-it-or-break-it role visuals play in telling a captivating story.

"The long paragraphs of dark text on white paper made me want to dig deeper into the data … said no one ever," Frazier-Jones said. "The thing is, we humans are visual creatures and our eyes are naturally attracted to shapes and colors. Whether it be beautiful photography, well-designed charts, or engaging graphics, compelling imagery brings data to life."

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Meet the 2021 Art of Science Judges: Katherine Frazier-Jones

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