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Jana Boerner, Ph.D., is a managing director of the Cell Imaging Core, Charles E. Schmidt College of Science.

Meet the 2021 Art of Science Judges: Jana Boerner

Capturing Research and Discovery

Jana Boerner, Ph.D., is a first-time juror for the Division of Research Art of Science photography contest, which invites the FAU community to submit photographs of their research, scholarship and creative activity, in an effort to highlight their work.

"Today's digital world gives us a great opportunity to reach people through all kinds of media. In this way we can easily share our research interests and discoveries," said Boerner, managing director of the Cell Imaging Core, Charles E. Schmidt College of Science. "Images are a very powerful way of catching a reader's interest and makes the reader want to learn more about your research topic. The Art of Science contest is a wonderful way to present some of your hard work that led to those beautiful images."

The Cell Imaging Core, located on both the Jupiter and Boca Raton campuses, provides imaging services and light microscopy equipment to assist in furthering research. Boerner, who has 15 years of experience using microscopes to acquire images of the nervous system, also trains researchers on the microscope system and image data, as well as managing an annual microscopy workshop for graduate students. Boerner also studies synapse development and function in the fruit fly.

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