Meet the 2021 Art of Science Judges: Gabby Barbarite


Gabby Barbarite, Ph.D., is director of outreach and engagement in FAU's Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute.

Meet the 2021 Art of Science Judges: Gabby Barbarite

Looking at Research From Different Angles

For the second year in a row, Gabby Barbarite, Ph.D., is a juror for the Division of Research Art of Science photography contest – an opportunity for the world to look at research in a whole new way.

"The Art of Science contest encourages researchers to look at their own work from a different angle and share it with the broader community, so that they too may be fascinated by the natural world," said Barbarite, director of outreach and engagement at FAU's Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute.

Barbarite oversees the FAU Harbor Branch Mission: Ocean Discovery outreach programs, which provide opportunities for the community to connect with, and learn from, marine science experts through exhibitions, tours, lecture series, citizen science activities, after-school programs and more. She joined FAU as an undergraduate in 2004, and has since worked as a student, educator and scientist, receiving her doctoral degree in integrative biology in 2016. She said she enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion with others, so that they too discover the important role that science plays in daily lives and work together to conserve the planet. Outside of work, she enjoys creating ocean-inspired art and is an avid silversmith, painter and photographer.

"Nature is very intricate, and scientists investigate these intricacies at a deeper level," she said. "Researchers at FAU study so many things, from a single, tiny cell to a complex coral reef, and make amazing discoveries every day."

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