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The strategic plan focuses on Pillars & Platforms

FAU Pillars are institutional programs that create new knowledge that benefit society.
The four Pillar Institutes are:

FAU Platforms represent areas of scholarly activity which support the institutes. The strategic plan lists nine platforms, two of which are in the Division of Research led by the Vice President of Research Dan C. Flynn.

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Data Science Platform committee members

Jason Ball OIT jball@fau.edu
Massimo Caputi Medicine mcaputi@health.fau.edu
Tamara Dinev Business tdinev@fau.edu
Dan Flynn Division of Research flynnd@fau.edu
Elisa Gaucher Division of Research egaucher@fau.edu
Stephen Heidt Arts & Letters sheidt@fau.edu
Carol Hixson University Libraries hixson@fau.edu
William Kalies Science wkalies@fau.edu
Marc Kantorow Medicine mkantoro@health.fau.edu
Koray Karabina Science kkarabina@fau.edu
Taghi Khoshgoftaarar Engineering khoshgof@fau.edu
Warner Miller Science wam@fau.edu
Ata Sarajedini Science asarajedini@fau.edu
Karin Scarpinato Division of Research kscarpinato@fau.edu
Gerald Sim Arts & Letters gsim@fau.edu
Robin Vallacher Science vallache@fau.edu

Entrepreneurship Platform Committee

Members     Support staff    
Barclay Barrios College of Arts & Letters bbarrios@fau.edu      
Kevin Cox Adams Center kcox24@fau.edu      
Ken Dawson-Scully Science ken.dawson-scully@fau.edu      
Dan Flynn VP Research,
Division of Research
Borko Furht Engineering borko@cse.fau.edu      
Roland Kidwell Business / Adams Center kidwellr@fau.edu      
Karin Scarpinato Exec. Assoc. VP for Research,
Division of Research
Rhys Williams FAU Tech Runway williamsr@fau.edu      

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