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Dissertation Year Support

Application Guidelines

Objective of the grant

To help students in their final year complete their dissertations.

Basis of awards

The Division of Research will consider applications for the 2016 Dissertation Year Support grants. The completed application and attachments must be submitted electronically by September 28, 2015. A committee will review the applications, and it will notify applicants of its members’ decision approximately eight weeks after the deadline.

Grant periods

Awards are for a 12-month period.

Registration requirement

The grantee must be a currently registered doctoral degree student at Florida Atlantic University.


The maximum award is $1,500. A student may receive only one grant under this program. Awards will not be granted for retroactive payments.


Doctoral degree students in any of the colleges at Florida Atlantic University are eligible for awards. At the time of application for a Dissertation Year Support, the student must have been admitted to candidacy for a doctoral degree.

Review process

Awards committee members will review each application. Evaluations will be based on merit and need. If necessary, members will discuss the project with the applicant. Following committee discussion, all members present will vote to approve or disapprove each application.

 Last Modified 8/17/17