Limited Submissions Guidelines

FAU’s Division of Research (DoR) has established the following Limited Submission guidelines:

  • SELECTED LIST: The Division of Research announces limited submissions on this website. Please note that the funding opportunity list below is not comprehensive. Anyone identifying a funding opportunity that has limitations on the number of proposals allowed per institution, but it is not listed below, is required to email to indicate their interest. The Division will review the guidelines and arrange an appropriate internal review process, as applicable.
  • INTERNAL DEADLINES: Most internal (FAU) deadlines occur between 60 – 90 days prior to the agency deadline. Once a limited submission is announced with a specified internal deadline , the following will occur:
    • Any interested faculty/staff/student will be expected to submit an internal application to by close of business (5 p.m.) on the stated internal deadline. Required application materials are outlined below.
    • After close of business on the stated deadline, the Division will review the number of internal applications that have been submitted. If the number of internal applications does not exceed the institutional limit, , the Division will generally approve those applicants to submit a proposal to the sponsor, provided the proposal meets eligibility criteria and is of sufficient rigor to be competitive. If the number of internal proposals exceeds the institutional limit, the Division will convene an ad hoc committee to review and rank all internal applications.
      • Internal committee review criteria will be based on the funding opportunity’s and FAU’s strategic plan priorities.
      • Once the internal committee review has concluded, the Division of Research will officially approve the institutional nominee(s) based on the committee’s recommendation.
      • The Division will notify the Principal Investigator (PI) in a timely manner to allow sufficient time to prepare a competitive proposal. The PI is responsible for notifying all co-PIs and her/his study team about the outcome of their application.
      • If a PI is selected to submit a full proposal but subsequently cannot complete the proposal, he/she must immediately notify the Division.
      • FAU’s Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) will also be notified of the internal review results. The investigator(s) selected to submit a proposal must send the proposal through OSP’s electronic proposal routing system. All proposals should adhere to the Proposal Submission Deadline Policy (refer to OSP website).
      • The Office of Research Development (ORD) will follow up with investigators who were not selected to submit a proposal and offer assistance in finding alternate funding sources.
    • If the internal deadline has passed, interested applicants should email with a summary of their proposed project. If no applications were received prior to the stated internal deadline, approval will be considered on a “first received” basis.
    • Similarly, while the Division will make every effort to announce limited submission opportunities, it is not possible to identify every limited submission. Therefore, if a limited submission has not been advertised by the Division, and the agency deadline is less than 60 days away, applicants should email as indicated directly above.
  • COLLEGE LIMITS: When an agency imposes a limit on the college (e.g., Science, Medicine, etc.) and not the institution (FAU), the Division of Research will not hold an internal selection process for this opportunity; please follow your College’s internal procedures for evaluating the best application.
  • PI LIMITS: Investigators are urged to carefully review funding opportunities for limits on the number of submissions per PI; the Division will not monitor for these specific limits.
  • EMAIL NOTIFICATION: Investigators should not move forward with a limited submission proposal to an agency until they have received an email communication from indicating approval to proceed (PI Chair and relevant Associate Dean for Research, as well as OSP, will be copied on approval emails). Proposals that exceed the institutional limit will be rejected and cannot be submitted.
  • NOTE: Some exceptions, in extraordinary circumstances, may apply to the timeframes listed above.