Sponsored Programs FAQ

Updated: Aug. 17, 2020 - 12:00 p.m.

Will proposals continue to be submitted?   

Yes. We will continue to submit proposals. OSP will continue to monitor the sponsors and should anything change we will let everyone know.

Are sponsors providing any guidance related to COVID-19?   

Both NIH and NSF have issued FAQs related to COVID-19. As information is made available from other sponsors, we will update. https://www.cogr.edu/institutional-and-agency-responses-covid-19-and-additional-resources

If my PCA is out sick, who will take care of my submission?   

OSP staff are cross-trained and each are assigned as a back-up to other OSP staff to ensure continuity of services.

If employees are quarantined, how will this affect OSP services?   

Services will continue as normal. OSP staff have been granted VPN access, which allows OSP staff to access FAU servers while working at remote locations.