Research Development FAQ

Updated: Aug. 17, 2020 - 11:00 a.m.

Will FAU deadlines for limited submissions remain the same?   

Yes, all limited submissions internal deadlines will remain the same. However, if agency deadlines change, then limited submissions deadlines within FAU may also be adjusted. Stay tuned to current deadlines on the Office of Research Development limited submissions website:

Will I still be able to obtain editing assistance from Research Development during the Covid-19 quarantine period?   

Yes, ORD staff will be working remotely and be able to assist you via email, Skype, telephone, and/or Microsoft Teams.

What is the status of existing ORD workshops scheduled for the Spring 2020 semester?   

We will offer WebEx training for the March 18th (Strengthening Your Study Design) and April 8th (NSF CAREER) workshops. This will allow faculty to participate remotely from their home or office computer. The Early Career Academy capstone celebration will be postponed until early Fall.