Photography Services


The Division of Public Affairs offers photography services for marketing and advertising purposes. To schedule a
photoshoot or check photographer availability for an event, please complete the Photographer Request Form.

Priority 1

Public Affairs coordinates, funds and manages the photography.

  • Any event or photo that marks a milestone in University history, culture or image.
    • groundbreaking
    • major donations
    • new partnerships
    • any event for the President, VIPs or dignitaries as appropriate
  • VIPs or dignitaries as a guest or major speaker (Board of Trustee member, donor, legislator, etc.)
  • Photos of campus, student life, buildings, etc., that will be used in high-profile publications and have the potential for multiple uses and repurposing. This will be determined by Public Affairs.  

Priority 2

Public Affairs advises and manages the photography. If the University Photographer is unavailable, the client pays for a freelance photographer.

  • Events such as luncheons or banquets where FAU dignitaries may be in attendance but are not guest speakers (potential for a press release and/or society page photo opportunity).
  • Photography with limited use University-wide.

 Priority 3

Public Affairs offers a list of photographers. The client manages and funds the project.

  • Events and receptions where FAU dignitaries are not scheduled to attend
  • Events that do not have University-wide significance
  • Photos with limited long-term use

 Official campus photographs can be found in our Photo Gallery

  • Photographer Request Form
  • Model Release Forms
    • A release is a written agreement between you, the University and the person you are photographing or the person who owns the property you are photographing. The purpose of the release is to protect you, and the University, from any future lawsuits the person might file for claims such as defamation and invasion of privacy.
    • Model Release Form
  • Portraits
    • Please dress appropriately and be professional in both attire and appearance.
    • 2021 Portrait Schedule:
      • Thursday, October 21, 2021 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; West side of Building 10
      • Friday, October 22, 2021 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; West side of Building 10
    • Portrait Day will take place outdoors
    • To download your portrait contact your area’s Communications Officer or contact
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