Institutional image is the sum total of all information and experiences that stakeholders have with an institution. Every contact between institution and stakeholder affects that image, for better or for worse, and will influence stakeholder willingness to either provide or withhold support for the institution – as a prospective student, prospective employee, donor, parent, alum, donor, regulatory agency or legislator.

The reputation of Florida Atlantic University depends upon how the institution is perceived, so it is critical that FAU’s identity be consistently communicated to all stakeholders and constituents in such a way that they develop and maintain an informed and favorable view of the institution.

FAU’s Division of Public Affairs plays a pivotal role in the success of the University. The office’s objectives and goals include:

  • Raising the local, state and national profile and increase the positive awareness of FAU.
  • Positioning FAU locally, regionally and nationally as a “first-choice” university.
  • Enhancing the academic and research reputation of FAU among key constituents, including alumni, donors, parents, students, prospective students, faculty, staff and emeriti.
 Last Modified 8/28/19