Academic Affairs COVID-19 Updates

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Academic Affairs Updates

The University will return to normal onsite operations effective Monday, August 16, 2021.

  • Request for Delay in Third Year Review, Promotion and Tenure, and Sustained Performance Evaluations

    • The COVID-19 pandemic is an allowable request for a one-year delay in tenure and promotion to associate professor and therefore supported by the Provost’s Office. Faculty will have the option to request extensions at their discretion. Please see the provost’s full memorandum for additional details.

  • Considerations for 2020 Evaluations
  • For the Fall 2021 term, for faculty planning to offer only remote office hours, they must advise students that in-person office visits will be accommodated on request. This is subject to change for Spring 2022 and beyond, depending on student feedback.
  • To document absences due to COVID-19 related illness or exposure, students should provide their instructors with SHS written communication such as orders to isolate or quarantine, as well as clearance to return to campus.


  • Temporary Remote Options for Students in SHS Quarantine/Isolation
    • With the influx of the delta variant of COVID-19, many faculty members have inquired how students will keep up with their coursework if Student Health Services (SHS) directs them to quarantine or isolate due to illness or exposure. According to the university’s attendance policy, instructors must allow each student who is absent for an excused absence, such as illness, the opportunity to make up work missed without any reduction in the student’s final course grade as a direct result of such absence.

    • In instances where classrooms have the appropriate equipment, instructors may choose to provide either HyFlex live streaming or recorded video content to students who have documentation from SHS. Not all teaching spaces are equipped with the technology to stream or record classes. Instructors can check the Registrar’s Office classroom list to see if their assigned rooms have this capability. Unfortunately, the Registrar’s office will not be able to reassign rooms if a teaching space is not equipped. When the equipment is not available in the room, instructors may request that OIT provide a mobile technology unit that will deliver video and audio content to students while they are in quarantine or isolation; there are a limited number of OIT mobile units and these will be allocated on a first-come, first served basis.

    • Only the individual students who have SHS documentation may temporarily utilize the streaming or recorded content, and they must return to the classroom once SHS has cleared them to do so. Faculty members are not required to provide this streaming or recorded option to students in quarantine or isolation; this is merely a tool that faculty members might consider using to ensure continuity of instruction for impacted students. Alternatively, faculty members may choose to accommodate students in other ways, such as additional readings or assignments as agreed upon between the instructor and student. Students who miss too much coursework, or are otherwise not able to catch up, may withdraw prior to respective deadlines on the academic calendar. They may also request an exceptional circumstance withdrawal (ECW), which is a complete withdrawal from all classes.

    • Please note that this is not permission to move your classes online or to otherwise request changes in the instructional methods of your classes. FAU will continue to align with all other institutions in the State University System and deliver a traditional in-person fall semester. Students with disabilities that might preclude them from in-person classes may request accommodations through Student Accessibility Services.

  • Report student behavioral concerns, including students who may be suffering physically or psychologically due to the pandemic or otherwise.

  • Additionally, if students are experiencing flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) and refuse to leave the classroom when asked, please share this as it may be a student conduct concern.


 Last Modified 8/24/21