Diversity, Unity, Transparency and Merit

A just society, and by extension a just academia, needs representation of its diverse interests. When female engineers are not involved in designing car seatbelts, the subtly ill-fitting products that ensue diminish women’s chance to survive a car crash. When minorities are forgotten from drug development research, the resulting treatment works poorly for minority communities. When prejudice eliminates a best person’s chance at a scientific career due to discriminated ethnicity, race, disability, religion or sexual orientation, meritocracy loses.

Our diverse Faculty is also crucial for our students, the future STEM workforce. They rise to their best selves surrounded by a diverse Faculty. In Faculty with shared histories, they find role models to lean on, and with very different Faculty and peers, they get to formidably enlarge their horizons and everyone’s future.

We are united for a diverse academia in which all interests of our society are represented; where merit is the purveyor of opportunity and where transparency and open debate guide the processes of institutional decision making.



 Last Modified 2/15/21