Mentoring & Developing Networks

Research studies on mentoring have shown its usefulness in addressing obstacles to faculty success, and is an effective aid in the promotion of socialization, productivity and satisfaction. For a successful mentor/mentee relationship to occur there must be a good match.

Areas that should be addressed include research, teaching, service, networking, career development and work-life integration. (ADVANCE RIT).

Several ADVANCE institutions have established Peer Mentoring Programs; hold annual Women Faculty Mentor Award; annual reception to welcome new women faculty and to celebrate promotions.

Additionally, through their commitment to the ADVANCE program, the benefits of these mentoring programs are assessed annually, through surveys.

NSF ADVANCE Research Mentoring Program Guidelines - Summer 2020

NSF ADVANCE Research Mentoring Application Forms - Summer 2020


ADVANCE RIT Mentoring Relationships

Mentoring Strategies

Division of Research - Faculty Research Mentoring Program

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