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Technology Fee Project Proposals

Proposal Approval Progress
Date Action Submitted By Comments
2011-09-20 16:50:35 Approved by Approver 1
2011-10-13 11:10:16 Approved by Approver 2

With the state mandates for publics schools for 2015, college of education students in teacher preparation programs must be trained to use the equipments and programs that will be in school districts. This award would also enable the college to become involved in several research projects that call for student to have access to this technology. The best ways to utilize these devices in classroom settings when students are practicing for their field placement, clinical settings.

This proposal has been approved by all approvers for submission to the Technology Fee Oversight Committee and will now be forwarded to the committee.

1. Date Submitted: 09/20/11 15:58
2. Project Name: iPads to Support Electronic Curriculum in the Classroom
3. Project Contact Information:
Victoria Brown
Department of Teaching and Learning
Telephone Number:
4. Project Narrative: (Must be tied into what educational benefits will be received by the students, faculty; what goals are going to be achieved etc.)

Department of Teaching and Learning would like to submit the proposal, the iPads for Education, to obtain 105 iPads with 3 movable iPad carts to be used by faculty in all of our classrooms that have wi-fi access. One cart will be placed at the Davie, Boca Raton, and Jupiter campus.  Education courses may not always require the computer lab in every session of the course rather specific topics lend themselves to the use of mobile devices rather than the stand alone computers. Providing the flexibility to check out a set of mobile devices increases the opportunities by the faculty in the College of Education to incorporate the technology into daily instruction and model how to use the technology to support instruction for the individuals that are in our teacher preparation programs and those teachers that are coming to our University to continue their education.

The new mobile labs will directly enhance or maintain services critical to carrying out FAU’s mission in ways that benefit students, faculty, and other stakeholders.  The Florida School Board is recommending that by the year 2015 that all curriculum materials in Kindergarten through twelfth grade classes will be electronic. This means that the teachers from our teacher preparation programs need to know how to maximize learning outcomes using mobile devices to access the electronic curriculum. The graduate programs will also benefit as the University makes an effort to reach teachers that are currently in public school classrooms.

In conjunction with this project will be several research projects that will be submitted to the IRB research evaluation process. To maximize the opportunities by the faculty to receive training in the use of the devices, a proposal for a Faculty Learning Community for using mobile devices in the classroom will be submitted for the 2012/2013 school year so that faculty will be able to learn from experts and from each other the best ways to utilize these devices in classroom settings. This information will then be published in national and international publications as best practices in the use of mobile devices.

Project Goals:

  1. For faculty to begin using the devices with students so they can make recommendations and determine best practices for using the devices in the classroom.
  2. To prepare our pre-service teachers and graduate students who are currently teaching to teach in classroom with electronic curriculum

The iPads would benefit students and faculty in a multitude of ways.

  1. Students will be introduced to mobile devices
  2. Students explore and practice how to use the mobile devices to promote teaching and learning.
  3. Students will have immediate access journal articles and other electronic resources for discussion immediately in class
  4. Students will be able to complete online testing in class
  5. Students are introduced, apply, and discuss work in social networking sites, such as Ning, and other quality educational sites.
  6. Students are required to work 1-1 with children in 3 of our required classes; these are critical assignments and the iPads can be used during class to help children learn how to use iPads also. 
  7. Utilize during faculty meetings explaining new student tasks such as applying for student teaching, programming changes, etc.
  8. Assist students with required lesson plans with immediate feedback in class
  9. Demo and apply Elluminate Live! using Chat features and video with students in class.

10.  As of 2015, all instructional in the public schools in Florida must be electronic. Teachers in our degree programs need to know how to use mobile devices to access the electronic material and use those devices effectively to teach their students. Faculty in the College of Education need to be modeling these skills for both preservice and teachers attending our courses.

 Endless possibilities!

5. How is this project aligned with the Strategic Plan? Please site specific goals and strategies.


FAU’s 2006-2013 Strategic Plan seeks to position the institution as a university of first choice. The Strategic Plan gives clear direction to the process of identifying specific actions the University must take to meet current and future challenges. The following seven strategic goals provide the framework and inspiration for the plan:

1. Providing Increased Access to Higher Education
2. Meeting Statewide Professional and Workforce Needs
3. Building World-Class Academic Programs and Research Capacity
4. Meeting Community Needs and Fulfilling Unique Institutional Respossibilities
5. Building a State-of-the-Art Information Technology Environment
6. Enhancing the Physical Environment
7. Increasing the University’s Visibility

This project meets goals 1, 4, 5, and 7 could be applied to the iPads for Education Project.


Objective 1-3. Develop evaluation systems to corroborate assessment of student achievement against expected core learning outcomes.

Using the mobile devices in the class will support the LiveText as the assessment mechanism for turning in the critical assignments by students (part of NCATE certification documentation and tracking of students’ assignments) that must be met for every course in order to obtain a degree. Students will also see how to use the devices to promote authentic assessment in their classrooms. Students would receive immediate feedback for all critical and other assignments so course goals are met thereby increasing the number of degrees granted to students at all levels.

Students will also have increased access to technology in classrooms outside of the computer labs. The iPads are light enough to allow mobility to the classroom with smaller carts than the laptop carts. The devices themselves are convenient for use throughout the extended class periods of up to 3 and 6 hours. The devices will allow for flexible classroom configurations that promote group work.


Objective 5-3. Promote community service activities that are clearly aligned with the University’s strategic priorities and support volunteerism.

Starting next year, several states are converting the textbook based curriculum to entirely electronic based curriculum. By the year 2015 several states are expecting K12 public schools to be purchasing electronic only curriculum. The iPads enable FAU instructors to model how to use those devices to maximize educational outcomes in the local schools within our seven-county service region. By teaching our students how to utilize the mobile devices for instruction or inservice professional development, our students will be more desirable since they will have the skills expected in local school districts and will in turn, advance economic development, encourage regional cooperation and sustainability, build partnerships in key areas of community need and enrich lives through lifelong learning.

The iPads also meet statewide professional and workforce needs because we would be encouraging the use of technology in our classrooms and as new student teachers graduate, they will in turn use their newly acquired skills to utilize with children in their new classrooms. FAU would be demonstrating its commitment to recruiting and preparing students in a vital profession such as education  by applying this emerging trends such as computer technology in the our elementary and secondary classrooms, thus promoting FAU teachers in the labor force.


Objective 6-1. Increase the number of next-generation smart classrooms.

iPads would enhance the technology skills of faculty and students by making the a mobile devices available to all students who cannot use the computer lab which is being used by other classes. This project would enhance the availability of technology to our faculty for instructional purposes by making available devices that will be utilized in class. It will help Florida Atlantic University’s information technology meet the requirements of the faculty and students, responding to growth and offering expanded, faster and more reliable services in teaching, and service in the public schools.


Objective 7-1. Establish reasonable measures for utilization of space on each campus based on programmatic needs and usage demand.

Finally, iPads would facilitate Florida Atlantic University’s visibility and strengthen its image locally, regionally, nationally and internationally by enhancing communication with internal and external audiences. When others learn about how the iPads are being utilized by a large group of faculty in typical classrooms, this will make our College a more desirable place to attend since we are promoting the use of technology in a portable, but highly effective manner. As our students complete field experiences in local districts and as teachers attend our classes, they will spread the news about our instructional uses of technology. 

6. Please complete the project cost spreadsheet below. Also, please describe briefly the elements that will be included as noted below:
  a) Any hardware requirements (which should comply with standards established by the IRM Standards)

$7799.85 ($2599.95 each x 3) Bretford PowerSync Cart for iPad
$62895.00 ($599.00 each x   105) iPad2 with 32GB with Wi-Fi
$3300.00 ($1100 each x 3) Mac Book Air (Required for syncs)
$120 ( $39.99 each x 3) Danglos to connect iPad to Projector  

  b) Any software requirements (which should comply with standards established by the IRM Standards)

 Below are apps that would be on all of the iPads to ensure that identical applications were available to the instructors regardless of what campus they may be teaching from. This will also ensure that similar content is being delivered in all classes including those taught by adjuncts.

$418.95     ($3.99 each x 105) AlgebraPrep Graphing
$313.95    ($2.99 each x 105) Grover's Number Special
$103.95    ($0.99 each x 105) KidCalc
$103.95    ($0.99 each x 105) Math Cards
$103.95    ($0.99 each x 105) Math Ref
$1048.95  ($9.99 each x 105) Pages
$1048.95  ($9.99 each x 105) Keynote
$1048.95  ($9.99 each x 105) Numbers
$523.95    ($4.99 each x 105) How Rocket Learned to Read
$313.95    ($2.99 each x 105) The Wrong Side of the Bed 3D book
$103.95    ($0.99 each x 105) I Was So Mad
$523.95    ($4.99 each x 105) Grammar Up
$523.95    ($4.99 each x 105) Britannica Kids (one of the science apps from the series)
$943.95    ($8.99 each x 105) Monster Anatomy
Free          105 History: Maps of the World
Free          105 Smithsonian
Free          105 NASA
$1048.95  ($9.99 each x 105) Virtual History
$523.95    ($4.99 each x 105) SketchBookPro
$838.95    ($7.99 each x 105) Inkpad
$1048.95  ($9.99 each x 105) eClicker Host
Free          105 Flipboard
Free          105 TeacherPal
Free          105 GoogleEarth
Free          105 StarFall
Free          105 Teach Me
Free          105 AlphaTracing
Free      105 American Museum & Natural History Cosmic
Free      105 American Museum & Natural History Dinosaurs
Free      105 Discovery Channel
Free      105 Hurricane Tracker

  c) Any personnel costs - OPS and other time-limited appointments.

The present technololgy support staff for the College of Education will assist in the checking out of the carts to the instructors and syncing the devices. As a result, not additional personnel costs will occur.

  d) Other:

Training in the use of the devices will be provided by Apple's education

 department and textbook publishers. A request for a faculty learning communinity will also be submitted so that instructors will be able to learn from each other how to implemetn the use of these devices in the classroom.

7. Provide the proposed timeline fro the project and project end dates:

Fall and Spring Semesters: Work with textbook companies to convert to electornic media
January 2012: Purchase the equipment
February 2012: Provide access to iPads by faculty
February 2012: Provide initial orientation training for faculty
March & April 2012: Begin experimenting with devices in the classroom
Spring semester: Data collecting for research projects pre implementation
Summer launch classes the incorporate the iPads as part of the curriculum
Fall 2012/Spring 2013 Faculty will participate in a Faculty Learning Community
Fall 2012 begin collecting data during implemenation for research studies
April 2012 survey about faculty experiences in using the devices
Fall 2013 Begin writing articles for publication and continual data collecting.

8. What is the plan for sustainability of the project beyond the initial project period (if applicable):

The College of Education will use its technolgy fee funding to purchase new apps as they are releases. Students will be encouraged to purchase their own mobile devices to bring to class in ways similar to students purchasing of laptops.

9. Provide any resource matching which might be provided by organizations with appropriate commitment authority documentation:

No matching resources.

10. Indicate which organization will implement the project (to help determine any additional costs and resource restraints):

Department of Teaching and Learning, College of Education

Approval for Submitting to the Committee
  Barbara Ridener Eliah Watlington

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