Employee Purchases

Florida Atlantic University maintains several initiatives for faculty/staff purchases. Some offerings are available to students of FAU as well. The following links are intended to benefit the FAU community by offering reduced pricing or other incentives for personal purchases.

Office Depot: (Open to all faculty, staff and students)

Faculty/Staff: https://www.fau.edu/business-services/retail-services/employee-supply-purchases/
Students: https://www.fau.edu/business-services/retail-services/student-supply-purchases/


Apple MacIntosh, iPhones, iPads, iPods:  (Open to all faculty, staff and students)

Dedicated sales Representative: Mr. Dale Love, 512-674-2823, FAX (866) 261-4104


Dell Computers & Accessories:  (Open to all faculty, staff and students)
Member ID:  US9921842


Reduced Fare Palm Tran Bus Passes: (Open to students, seniors and disabled persons)


FAU Discounts & Perks: (Open to faculty & staff)

An assortment of travel, entertainment, sports, wireless and health offerings.