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Florida State Statute 960 outlines the rights of all crime victims.  Brief synopses of those rights are:

1.) Be informed about the availability of Crime Victim Compensation.

2.) Information regarding local victim assistance programs.

3.) Information regarding the role of the victim in the criminal and juvenile justice systems and the stages of this process.

4.) Be informed, present and heard at all crucial stages of the criminal and juvenile justice proceedings. (Incarcerated victims have the right to submit written statements.)

5.) A prompt and timely disposition of the case in so far as it does not interfere with the constitutional rights of the accused.

6.) Be protected from intimidation.

7.) Be notified of scheduling changes.

8.) Be notified in advance, if possible, of the judicial proceedings relating to the arrest, release and community control of the accused and the proceedings in the prosecution.

9.) Be consulted by the State Attorney’s office in felony cases with physical or emotional injury or trauma, cases in which the victim is a minor, and cases involving a homicide; regarding the release of the accused, pending judicial proceedings, plea agreements, participation in pretrial diversion programs, and sentencing of the accused. Information concerning the prompt return of property.

11.) Assistance in notifying your employer or creditor of your victimization.

12.) Request restitution.

13.) Submit an oral or written victim impact statement to the court.

14.) General victim assistance such as translators, separate waiting rooms, etc.

15.) Be notified of the escape of the accused.

16.) Have an advocate present at depositions.

17.) Review pre-sentence investigation reports.

18.) Standing, that is the right to assert your rights as a victim.

19.) Request the courtroom be cleared, with certain exceptions, during your testimony of a sexual offense.

20.) Information concerning the address confidentiality program for domestic violence victims.

21.) Request HIV testing.

22.) Not be excluded from any portion of the proceeding solely due to being subpoenaed to testify.

23.) Not be required to attend discovery depositions at any correctional facility.

24.) To be informed of confidential communications.

25.) To request, for specific crimes, that your name not be disclosed to the public.

26.) A minor student victim attending school has the right to request that a juvenile offender attending the same school be required to attend a different school from the minor victim or the victim’s sibling or siblings.

To conform to Florida Statute and to assist victims, the Florida Atlantic University Police Department has prepared a Victim/Witness brochure which is given to crime victims as required by law.

Victims Rights Brochure
 Last Modified 2/24/21