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FAU Owl Frequently Asked Questions


car bullet  My vehicle was booted. How do I get it removed?

To remove a boot, follow the steps outlined in the video below. For additional information regarding boots, visit  fau.mybootinfo.com .

car bullet Who needs an FAU parking permit?

Everyone!   All students, faculty, staff, vendors and anyone else parking on campus are required to have a parking decal.  Visitors may purchase a temporary permit or park at parking meters.  

car bullet Is there a grace period for getting my permit?

During the Fall semester only, parking tickets are not issued for not having a permit during the drop / add period of the first week of school in blue and green lots.  During this period all other violations are enforced, including but not limited to: Parking out of assigned area, parking in no parking zones, parking in reserved space, parking on the grass or hazardous parking. Parking regulations are enforced all other times, including spring break, intersession and summer semesters. Click here to review FAU Parking Rules, Policies, & Procedures.

car bullet What are the hours of enforcement?

Parking and Transportation regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

car bullet How long do I have to pay a citation before a late fee is assessed?

Payment for all citations must be received in the Parking and Transportation Services Office by the 14th calendar day after the issuance of the citation.  However, vehicles may not be left in violation, and may continue to accrue citations for being in violation.

car bullet How do I appeal a citation? How do I pay for a citation?

Any person who feels that a parking citation was issued in error may contest the parking citation by filling a notice of appeal on this website.  

There are many ways that you may pay for your citation.  As a student or faculty/staff member you will be able to go through your MyFAU account to pay online.  As a visitor you will need to go through the "visitor Link to pay the citation.  Anyone may come into the Office of Parking & Transportation to pay a citation.  We accept credit cards.  You also have the options of sending a check by mail.   We do not accept payments over the phone.  For students: If you need to have a hold lifted from your account immediately then you will need to pay through your student account.  Any citations paid through the Parking and Transportation Services Office in person or online have a forty-eight hour waiting period before the hold is removed.

car bullet Who can park at a parking meter?

Anyone that does not have a valid FAU parking permit is permitted to park and pay at the meters. Anyone with a parking permit is prohibited from using single use meters or metered lots.  Click here for more information on meters and metered lots. 

car bullet Where do visitors park and how much is it?

Visitors may park at any of the parking meters on campus or they purchase a Visitors Permits online. Click here for more information on Visitor Permits & Passes. 

car bullet What should I do if I have a Guest Speaker or Interview Candidate come on Campus?

Guest speakers can purchase temporary permits at the Information Booth on Glades and NW 10th Street or they can be purchased ahead of time from the Parking and Transportation Services Office by faculty/staff members. 

car bullet I received a citation for parking the wrong way on Volusia Street. Where is that  written?

Parking against the flow of traffic is hazardous and against Florida State Statute 316.195 .There are also signs posted as reminders at both sides of Volusia Street. 

car bullet What is the Transportation Access Fee?

The transportation Access Fee is a mandatory, non-refundable fee that all students, whether part-time, day or evening, online, or members of the Lifelong Learning Society, are required to pay at the time of registration along with their tuition each semester.  This fee supports the University's transportation infrastructure and increases student access to transportation services.  A parking permit will be issued once applied for to each registered student.  All students including those using other types of transportation are assessed a Transportation Access Fee.

car bullet What are the parking rules?

Please click here for a list of the rules and the parking regulations page.

car bullet I will be temporarily be driving a borrowed or rented vehicle, what should I do?

Valid Permit holders are allowed up to three vehicles per permit, but please note that only one vehicle may be parked on campus at a time.

To add a vehicle to your permit, please log into the parking portal at http://parking.fau.edu/.

car bullet How do I find out about lot closures, traffic disruptions and parking information?

The Parking Department announces important information on our Announcements Page , you can also follow us on Twitter Facebook , and Instagram for quick updates throughout the day.

car bullet  My vehicle was totaled in an accident or I changed vehicles, how do I get a replacement permit?

Please log into the parking portal at http://parking.fau.edu to remove your old vehicle from your ePermit and replace it with the new.


 Last Modified 6/17/19